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British Bake Off!!

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I can't wait...Paul Hollywood...yum!

Yes can't wait, won't be home in time but all set to tape the series.

Never seen so many blue plasters in one show!   Nice to see the infamous squirrel has made a return from the last series

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As usual with these things we only saw what the producers wanted us to see.  Perhaps the poor chap perhaps wasn't told that he could submit any part of his dish for the judges to judge, I couldn't blame him for tipping it into the bin if he thought that only submitting two (unstructured) components of the dish would be acceptable to submit.  He clearly reacted on impulse and how awful must he now feel having behaved so?  What annoyed me about the woman was the fact she was very cavalier and uncaring retorting 'well you have your own fridge'.  I would not have seen another contestant's ice cream left out (it was a boiling hot day) without saying something.  No, I didn't like her attitude at all.

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