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Is it too early for cruises in 2022?

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Hi Gary and welcome to the forum.

At one time it was the year prior when you could book a cruise but now it seems to be earlier and earlier so to speak. I would imagine that it might be 2020 when they go on sale but you might be lucky for the back end of next year. 

No doubt someone else might be able to provide a more positive answer. ūüôÉ

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Blimey, you are working well ahead Gary :).  It will also depend on which cruise line you are looking at and possibly the part of the world you want to cruise in.  Maybe wait a year and then have a chat with a good specialist cruise agent.  There are many but one of course springs to mind :D.  Welcome to the forum.

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I thought I was.forward planning booking a cruise for 2019 

all the cruise for this year were booked last year, the price we paid is over a grand less than the advertised price now, so it does pay to think ahead but 2022 maybe a bridge too far, only my opinion off cause. The world situation may prevent certain destinations 

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