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comparing Princess cruise lines with PandO

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Just been on Sapphire Princess for 11 night cruise from Singapore. Before I went colleagues were telling me Princess was superior to PandO. Yes ,the Horizon buffet restaurant was better than PO, I liked the way they made sure you didn't enter without using the hand sanitiser  & the staff came round with tea & coffee etc. if you didn't want to help yourself. That was the only plus.The entertainment & choice of entertainment was very poor. The most popular entertainer was Mauritzio but in such a small area not enough seats available.My biggest criticism  was the Freedom Dining. I know some people prefer tables for 2 ,but myself and other people I spoke to, choose freedom to meet people but we were constantly told no-one to share with. eventually were taken to a the same table with the same people every night so we might as well have been fixed dining.

Final plea to PandO ,please do not ever remove tea & coffee facilities from the cabins,I really missed this for early morning cuppa & early evening whilst getting ready for dinner.

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I think you can in terms of service and food. Certainly s far I`d rank our experiences:

1. Holland America with great service and food

2. A Louis Crystal cruise we did around Cuba with great food and service

3. Just behind - RCI. 2 different experiences on different boatrs bit good service with varying food but always good

4. Way behind P&O Azura with quite poor service, average food sometimes not hot and often overcooked (fish especially)

So far P&O are the only company I`d be reluctant to travel again with unless they came up with the ideal itinerary that made me ignore service and food.


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