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Wondering what to expect from our first ever cruise

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Welcome to the Forum janiemac:)

We love the Solstice class of ship one of the best designed ship around at the moment. 

My Wife takes Avomim Tablet's which work well for her ,lots of chemist sell them.

Both food and service are usually first class on these ships , and the food in the MDR is varied and nice.The Buffet is just about the best at sea again plenty of choices ,and free Ice cream if you like it.

We have found over the years that Celebrity react quickly to any problem's you may have, just ask about anything .Plenty of sun beds if you like sun bathing ,and if you are sailing into anywhere nice ,there is a place at the front on the Gym ?

Hope you enjoy your cruise and join the Captain's club ASAP ...Davybe

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All cruise ships these days have stabilisers, which smooth the ride even in quite heavy weather.

For comfort and convenience, we usually book midships, not too far from the elevators/lifts, and carefully inspect the deck plans to ensure we are non near a nightclub or gym..beside, above, or beneath us. The engines can make a rear cabin noisy and vibration prone, and a bow cabin can move more than midships. And tho not prestigious, a cabin on deck 3 or 4 seems to avoid noise and minimise movement.

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