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Fjords- May- Azura- Toddler- Nervous

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Hello everyone

The title pretty much sums it up :)

We have just booked our first Norweigian Fjords (first ever) cruise in May.

We have a little girl who will be just over 2 years old when we go.


I am now very nervous, as well as excited... I just don't know what to expect.

We have chosen freedom dining... I am just wondering what sort of outfits we need to pack for evenings- on a formal night does everyone have to dress formal even if we eat in the buffet?

And if anyone has any experience of taking a toddler then please let me know any tips or advise..


Thanks in advance 



Jodie x


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the buffet is not formal on formal nights if you see what i mean. many dont wish to dress up so the buffet is the alternative.

from what ive seen on cruises the staff love small guests so to speak and spoil them rotten.

personally i enjoy seeing kids on cruises many dont and can get very tutty.

just ignore them and enjoy.

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You will absolutely love the fjords. Norway is our favourite destination on a cruise. And in May the waterfalls will be in full flow as the ice melts. Azura is a very child friendly ship and I am sure your little girl will have fun. We have been in May before and the weather can be warm enough for being in the pool. Enjoy.

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