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Reykjavik in a Nutshell!

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Me again!

Just thought i'd give you guys a head up on Reykjavik as i didnt cruise but i know some cruises do dock here!

Cost of Living:

Iceland is super expensive so be prepared!  I've listed a rough average of things we incurred on or travel.

A starter in a restaurant is approx £10pp
A main can range between £20-£50pp (I would recommend googling the restaurant menus before you go as to not get caught out - avoid seafood restaurants and tapas as you will rack up a hefty bill)
A can of soda -  £3
A bag of sweets - £3
A pint of beer - £14 but £9 in happy hour
Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolates - £5

Places to eat:

We tried a couple of different places to eat. On arrival we visited Sval as it was recommended to me. It's basically a restaurant that only serves home made soup but the soup comes in a bowl made of bread! The soup changes daily but when we went they had Reindeer with Truffle Oil or Broccoli. It was absolutely delicious and I would recommend. However it was the most expensive soup I've ever had coming in at approx £13 each but never the less a truly unique experience! 

We also tried an Italian called Caruso and this was my favourite place of the trip! The food was gorgeous and so so tasty. I had lasagne but it was incredible. The place itself too was so cute and cosy and the decor was like a little gingerbread house. The lasagne came in at approximately £22

We visited the Laundromat cafe for lunch and as you can imagine it was a cafe that used to be a laundromat. It was very quirky inside and a very upbeat venue. We had pulled duck burgers! A first for me as I've never seen pulled duck burgers anywhere else before! Again this was approx £20.

Finally, I would recommend the Babalu cafe for coffee, cake or crepes! They sell the most amazing home made cakes including New York cheesecake but the highlight is the Crepes. We had banana and Nutella and it was amazing! If you fancy something sweet I would recommend this place as it's again so cute and cosy and kind of like somebody's house! A little home from home.

Things to see:

So you've probably heard of the Blue Lagoon but if you haven't its one of the most magical places I've ever visited. You relax and chill in this amazing thermal pool that's all naturally made whilst it's snowing in the open air around you. The backdrop is the snowy mountains which was just so picturesque. A must visit if you come to Iceland! Most people visit here on the way to the airport or on the arrival as it's so close! If you hire a car and are on an early flight I would recommend visiting here on arrival! Top tip: upgrade to the premium pack at the blue lagoon (yes it's approx another £15pp but you get slippers and robes and you 100% need them). You also get an algae mask which left my skin feel incredible! The blue lagoon is actually open until 11pm at night so you don't have to make it a day time activity.

I think everybody has heard of the Northern lights, this is another of the main attractions in Iceland. However, they are sneaky and don't always come out to play! Unfortunately this time around we didn't get the chance to spot them as the weather was so stormy and cloudy the clouds filled the sky all day and night so therefore our tour got cancelled then rescheduled for the next night and then same again for the final night! I would recommend not to plan your entire trip around the northern lights in case you don't actually see them because you would be uber disappointed!

To wrap it up I loved Reykjavik with its artsy quirky little streets and shops, amazing food and breathtaking scenery! Make sure you save up as things are expensive and you don't want to be scrimping and stopping yourself from doing things if you feel like they are too expensive! I would definitely return to visit some other places of Iceland and I would even come back in the summer time for the Midnight Sun phenomenon!

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Hi Born Free,

Just to say thanks for the post.  To me, this is the sort of useful information that members about to visit a place can access for information and suggestions.

We had a super trip to Iceland  on Celebrity Eclipse in May 2016 which included a day and a half in Reykjavik.  On day 1, we chose to go on the cruise line organised "Golden Circle Classic Day Trip" to get a feel for the fascinating geography and geology of the surrounding area.  This included the Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss Waterfall.  Highly recommended.

And you're right, the soup at Sval is definitely worth the stroll into town!!

David H 

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As I said in my last post, we are hoping to go to Iceland in July and have just sorted out our travel insurance. We had to make a claim in December as we had to cancel our Christmas cruise due to illness.

I would welcome any advice on the sort of thing to pack. Will we need thick coats, gloves etc or will the temperature be similar to  our summer weather?

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