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Singapore & it's Treasures!

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Before travelling to Singapore, I was unsure of what to expect upon arrival.

I had obviously heard of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands hotel with the amazing infinity pool on the top but other than that I was super lost.

However, my thoughts now have completely changed.

The first port of call, the airport is spectacular. I’ve never been to an airport with activities to do inside whilst you wait for your flight expect from shopping/eating?

The Butterfly Garden is a must see. I mean a Butterfly Garden inside an airport?! There is also a cinema, Koi pond and gardens it was also the calmest airport I’ve ever visited in my life. Scarily calm and not manic in any way, shape or form.

The city itself is spectacular with the sky scraper back drop. It kind of reminded me of Hong Kong but less polluted and much calmer.

We stayed at two hotels, the Holiday Inn Express – Clarkes Quay and the Marina Bay Sands.

The Holiday Inn Express Clarkes Quay is the perfect budget hotel in a decent area, I mean being a city the hotels aren’t cheap anyway but for a decent standard hotel to use as a base to explore I don’t think we could have picked anything better. This hotel also has a rooftop pool.

A highlight of our experience was Clarke Quay on a Saturday night. WHAT A PLACE!

The night life was amazing and such an amazing experience as your indoor but outdoor under a huge canopy with music and live bands blurting out from every corner.

Great night clubs and eateries are found here.

Although word of warning: Singapore is expensive for Alcohol! So budget wisely or save extra! (I’m talking £15 a cocktail/£10 a beer).


We visited Raffles for the novelty and customary chucked our peanut shells onto the floor.

The Botanical gardens is a lovely day out if you have time to spare but not if you are on a time limit – I would recommend Gardens by the Bay over this!

The Gardens by the Bay is an amazing attraction and beautiful to walk around especially at night. The majority of it is actually FREE! You do pay a minimal charge to go onto the Sky Walk and enter the big Domes (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome) however it’s worth it.

Top Tip: The Gardens are open until 2am at the weekend so many people take a picnic and bottles of wine and have a midnight picnic on the grass.


We went to Sentosa Island but not to the Universal and Theme Parks, I would recommend going here if you have the time or really love theme parks. If you aren’t going for the theme parks then I didn’t see any point in visiting.

The city itself is extremely safe and clean and the metro is so easy to navigate.

You can walk everywhere but it’s all very far apart so much easier to catch the metro.


There are a few art museums too which we did visit and loved the modern art. They have a pixel art wall where you add stickers to create the art work so very interactive!


The Marina Bay Sands hotel is gorgeous and luxury at its best. The rooftop infinity pool on the 57th floor is only accessible to hotel guests so save up and book a one night stay. Please bear in mind its approx. £300 a night which we did splurge out on. You literally pay for the amazing views as the hotel doesn’t have many other facilities so my top tip would be to use this day as a pool day and enjoy the gorgeous views.


Top Tip: If you are sightseeing stay near Clarke Quay, if you are connecting on a flight or just there for a chill then book the Marina Bay hotel.


All in all, I was so surprised with Singapore and would recommend it to anybody, it really is so cosmopolitan and quite westernised but a lovely place to stay in Asia for a cruise connection.

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4 minutes ago, DavidH said:

Hi Born Free,

Have to agree with you re Singapore.  It's a great place to visit.

My vote for a favourite attraction goes to Spectra - The Light and Water Show which is free to the public and takes place at the Events Plaza, Marina Bay Sands.

Mind you, the Night Safari's not bad either.


Wow - i visited the night safari and the light show but completley forgot to write about them! I agree with you DavidH

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