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My fabulous time on the Oceana!!

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As i was nervous about travelling on the ship i thought i would post something to help others feel at ease!!

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised with the ship.

I had heard from others she was starting to get tired and worn. However, my own personal thoughts disagree with this. I loved the feel of the ship and atmosphere on board was lovely. The atrium is gorgeous and a hub for many people throughout the day. I loved how bright and airy the atrium was it had a really pleasant feel about it. The décor was in between modern and traditional so I think suited everyone. The on-board shops were lovely and had a good choice even though not many of them! There was entertainment on throughout the day time and night time and it was organised brilliantly. All the staff onboard were very accommodating and happy. I couldn't fault the service. After speaking to other guests, they advised that they felt the same way.

I spent a lot of my time in the Gym whilst on-board after day trips and on the sea days. The cardio machines are fantastic lots to choose from and plenty so they didn’t get clogged up. However, the weight room was quite small and cramped. I'm surprised there wasn't really any leg weight machines or bar bell weights. It would be nice to have somewhere where you can run outdoors like what other ships have as the promenade deck has cabins below so you aren't allowed to run around.

We enjoyed the adult only area at the back of the ship near the gym as it was very quiet and had beautiful wake views (also sheltered on the sea days from the wind). The buffet had a good variety of food, however in comparison to my experience a few years back I think that they have reduced the variety as lots must have been going to waste.

The outdoor deck space was great I didn’t notice anybody struggling for a deck chair on the sea days. The shuttle board and golf nets were also very popular! We didn't dine in the speciality restaurants but they were always busy in the evenings and I think for the cover charge it was worth it. Café Jardin in the day time was a nice quiet place to go for breakfast or lunch, it was never packed and when I wandered past there was always some kind of amazing cakes on display there.

The casino was tired and definitely needed a re-fit.

The drinks prices were brilliant in comparison to other cruise lines exactly the same as what I would pay at home. They had a good gin menu too which went down well with my family!

The movie theatre showed so many great films and new block busters which I was really surprised with as I expected them to show older films. The tv in the room had a great choice for night time too. I slept on the upper pullman in our room as we had a four berth and I must admit that the bed was super comfy. One thing I would say is that if a client was 6ft or taller the upper pullman is too short for them.

The evening meal in the Adriatic restaurant was lovely, I love the fresh breads every night! There was always a great choice. Fancy but not over the top which I think sometimes can be off putting! I liked the fact you always had an option for basics like chicken/steak every night in case there was something you didn’t like on the menu.

The excursions were reasonably priced and the guides were so so knowledgeable I loved the Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik. The embarkation and disembarkation of guests always ran smoothly and there were never long queues. Also, being able to get into the centre of Venice was brilliant too as the ship was within the size allowed into the Venetian docks! 

I was slightly disappointed on an Early Saver fare not getting the Freedom dining option but we made do with the 20:30pm - we just arranged our day time eating around the dinner sitting time.

As the cruise was coming towards the end of the season there was virtually no families on-board apart from one that I saw. The main clientele was elderly and couples. I think I was the only person there in their twenties apart from my brother and the entertainment crew/team. The broad way shows were exceptional I think the best I’ve seen so far on a cruise. I loved the We Will Rock you show and also the Blue Brothers tribute. They also performed a west end mash up with a variety of different songs including Wicked! The rendition of defying gravity was amazing. They had a comedian on-board too he was hilarious.

My overall experience on the Oceana was fantastic. Apart from minor décor issues there was nothing wrong with her. She had an amazing atmosphere on board in comparison to some of the other ships I travelled with. The food onboard was exceptional and the Broadway shows were great. To top it all off we had an amazing itinerary and took part in some fantastic shore excursions.

Top Tip: Don't hesitate to book this cruise we had an amazing time and the destinations were fantastic! Don't always listen to others!!

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