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Should Speciality Restaurants Cost Extra?

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7 minutes ago, 2torts said:

I have no objection to paying a supplement but would like to know why the amount varies with the length of the cruise. E.G. Sindhu on Oriana is £25 on a 1-2 night cruise, £20 on a 3-7 night cruise & £16 on an 8+ night cruise. It's the same menu so why does the amount vary so much?

Supply and demand?  Perhaps they are trying to encourage passengers on longer cruises to make a second reservation.

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I've read the comments with interest. My wife and I have been lucky enough to have been cruising for 20-years + and although we're of the "older generation", we're still daft enough to enjoy the all singing all dancing Royal Caribbean ships. However, there's no question in our minds that the general standards of food, service, dress code etc, have dropped considerably over the years even if the ships are really incredible ( in their own way ! ) Ref speciality dining, I have contacted the cruise line directly saying that we are now expected to pay more for meals that we used to get as part of the standard package, which is a fact. Even on formal nights people are allowed into the main restaurants in, not even, smart casual dress. We like the formal nights and there are only three in a two week cruise and you don't have to go to the main restaurants if you don't want to conform to the recommended dress code. But, it is allowed.

On another point, I have read some people commenting on the prices and seem to think that pro rata they are quite reasonable. We tend to have a balcony cabin and I know you can go cheaper but, I don't think paying the blunt end of £3000 pp for two weeks is cheap but, until the money runs out ( which is going to happen sooner than later ! ) we'll probably " carry on cruising " !!

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On 11/17/2017 at 5:08 PM, Furby said:

i see both sides, but i think as cruises are percieved of and advertised as a 'luxury' product, even though you get variations to the standard of 'luxury' that you get, i dont think a cruise and an all inclusive land hotel are comparable due to the perceptions people have of the two.

i also think you get a hell of a lot more on a cruise than you do an all inclusive hotel, its not just about the food, you get more destinations, better entertainment, more choices included in the price, more dedicated staff (i could tell you about my cabin stweard from my last cruise but not my maid from my last hotel) a competely different experience just being at sea, in my opinion its worth paying that extra just for that indescriabable feeling of being at sea, looking out and seeing nothing between you and the horizon you dont get that in a hotel and thats why i would lean more toward the 2 not being comparable.

Furby you button this for me. Why? because of the staff. On board ship most staff fall over themselves to help you in any way that is possible. In a hotel it is 'You are out of here in 1/2 weeks bye bye' On a ship you may be back and meet them again. We did this on Queen Victoria with a head waiter.

We have also stayed in hotels that mainly offer all inc. and found the food to be drab. So it's back to sea for us.

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