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Britania Caribbean Cruise Port location to towns

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We will be on the Britania on 25 November 2017 and are looking to book some trips ashore and as we don't want to book a trip at every call how close are the ports to the towns ? Thanks Martin  :-) 

also is there somwhere i can find this information Thanks again.

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Hi  I do not know which ports of call this cruise is calling at so I can't answer your question.  However, I would recommend that you consider using independent tour operators rather than the cruise ship's excursion programme.  There will be plenty of tour guides offering reasonable priced tours at the exits of the port and in my experience they are at least as good and often better than those offered by the ship.  If you just want to chill out on a beach these are also offered.  If you want further specific information just browse the web (type in something like what to do in ports in the Caribbean on a cruise)

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Welcome to the forum MartinC :)

There will be no shortage of Taxis at any port you are going to, If you team up with another couple and share you can do most tours a lot cheaper than the cruise line, and in more comfort.

Agree the price before you get in and pay at the endow found the taxi drivers very good and will get you back to the ship on time, they will even come back to the beach to take you backlit the pre arranged time..

If you are docked near a town the fare will drop a little bit outside the port area,,,,Davybe

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We went on a Caribbean cruise in 1997 and found that you don't really need to go on a ship excursion unless where you want to go is some way out. The organised ship excursions are always always much more expensive than doing it yourself. The one we remember paying for and enjoying was walking up a waterfall which goes up from a beach, and you get together as a team and walk / climb up the smooth rocks. The fall is shallow, the river is wide and it's quite easy and enjoyable. You don't have to be a mountaineer, just go for a wet walk, basically.

Other than that, where the ship docked in or close to the town, we just walked round the locality and enjoyed it. The whole thing was better than many of the ports we called at on our recent Southampton - Sydney cruise. In the Caribbean we felt free to get off and walk around on our own, but apart from Dubai and Singapore and the Australian ports, we didn't want to. Some were just industrial ports, and some we didn't consider safe.

When we were there (Caribbean) the dollar exchange rate was favourable so we bought a couple of expensive watches in US Virgin Islands. It wouldn't apply now, but the ones we got were half the UK price.

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i ve just returned from a carribean cruise and most of the islands you could walk from the dock into town or organise your own tour with the local touist info desk in the terminal building or direct with the taxi drivers. some were quite pestering though like in martinique others were fine like antigua. some port areas were v industrial and a bit of a way out but taxis were available at the terminal building.

alternatively of course you can book trips with the ship go to some of the shore excursion talks and look at the port maps they provide you with in your cabin.

whichever way you choose to go they are beutiful islands and the people fantastic.

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