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Cunard in Alaska?

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I have been lucky enough to visit Vancouver and agree what a lovely city it is.  Its funny what you remember - I recall that one night we ate in Gas Town (the 'old town' area of the city) and the restaurant had a 'Lobster Dinner' on special.  My partner hated getting his hands mucky when eating and asked me if it would all be prepared, ready to eat.  Although I knew otherwise, I said "yes of course it will".  When the whole Lobster came up he was quite fazed but a Canadian on the next table took him through how to crack each bit and get the most out of it.  He loved it in the end!  Happy memories.

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On 10/24/2017 at 9:40 PM, *Dancing Queen* said:

It wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but post cruise we spent a couple of days in Vancouver ( what a wonderful city this is ) we then hired a car and drove through the Rockies to Calgary, it was an amazing experience and is up there with one of the best holidays ever.


Totally agree! We flew into Calgary - hired a car for five days - drove the Icefields Parkway through some of the Canadian Rockies [walked upon the Athabasca glacier] and then from Calgary we flew to Vancouver for two days before cruising the inside passage with Holland-America. One of our best holdays ever .......

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