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What to wear Christmas Day

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We are due on Aurora over Christmas and I can't get any firm response from P&O as to whether Christmas Day requres formal wear. It's a sea day, so I'm expecting it, but I'd have thought that Christmas Day is one that should be more of a relaxed atmosphere.  I've seen mention elsewhere of passengers wearing Christmas Day T-shirts (something I've not heard of, though Christmas jumpers seem to be increasingly popular), which suggests informality.

Any advice from those who have been on P&O over Christmas would be welcome.

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I would agree about the formal for dinner on Christmas Day.  Unfortunately I would also agree about the 'horror' of Christmas jumpers aplenty during the day.   Call me old-fashioned - well frankly call me what you like - but Christmas jumpers for me, fall into the same category as football shirts - November 5th is the best day for them ;)

Whatever you choose to wear, I hope you have a fantastic day.

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37 minutes ago, Tinkerbell said:

Does anyone know if our cabin steward and waiters will expect a gift at Christmas i.e. Money inside a Christmas card?

We cruise at Christmas and I don't think it is ever 'expected' you will give a gift/money, we usually do but it is all down to personal choice so don't feel you are obliged to do so.

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