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Suez Canal Transit To Dubai

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We did the transit earlier this year on Pacific Princess on our way from Dubai to Venice..  It took all day and we had a bridge commentary.  It was really interesting particularly if you have an interest in the military or history in general. The Nile Bridge is spectacular. On occasions the ships passing seem to be sailing through the desert.  It is totally different to the Panama Canal transit. I would recommend anyone to do it. WE called in at Safaga (for Luxor), Aquaba (for Petra, )and Suez( for Cairo) on our way through.

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Yes it is a great day. Plenty of interesting things to see and the commentary is sometimes very good, depending on who is on board with the knowledge. We were so lucky to have had Captain Darias Godziek as he is a fantastic commentator on just about everything marine, and he never leaves you wondering for long no matter what happens on board. Would like to have him as Captain on all our future cruises.

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Guest Solent Richard

Has anyone done the Suez Canal transit to Dubai and can you recommend it?

Your comments on this both positive & negative would be really appreciated.



Certainly can recommend it Northern Star.


My wife and I navigated north to south on Oceania's Nautica last December...










A  full review and  itinerary is on my blog...





Are you heading that way?   Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.



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Thanks Richard for this very informative reply and what wonderful photos,really appreciated.

Isn't it great that we can obtain this information from experienced travellers like yourself on this forum.

This trip is on my 'to do ' list but Today have also added Yalta after seeing the wonderful photos you posted ,really looks amazing!

THANKS again

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I have been through the Suez Canal twice in the past and will be doing so again next year. It is a  very interesting experience, and there is always something different to see  and hear, be it the landscape or the locals waving and shouting and whistling. It has some amazing monuments and the PEACE Bridge is stunning! Enjoy your trip.



 Mosque at the entrance to the Canal.


The Peace Bridge built by the Japanese,  also known as the Japanese-Egyptian friendship bridge.


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Cunard on the return leg of world cruise is one of the best ways to do it , All the queens can pass through the canal so to go on the QM2 is very good , this tends to normally be Dubai to Southampton which can give you the best option on weather all the way, I think there are some good deals for next year on the this sector.

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