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24 nights across the Atlantic to the USA & Canada. Well where do you start, we had a mixture of weather on the crossing due to the hurricane moving up the Atlantic, on many occasions the outer decks were closed. Our arrival in New York was brilliant the weather being a little foggy adding to the atmosphere. Immigration took quite some time starting at about 10am with the last few going through at about 14.45. It didn't bother us as we were in the last group called but with an evening excursion booked it was not a problem, 

2 great days in New York. Then the fun began, after leaving NY, the Captain announced that due to further bad weather ahead we would be unable to go to both Newport and Bar Harbour as these were both tender ports it would be unsafe. So we headed for Boston.

The next port was Halifax, we were then told by our Captain that there was a problem with one of the thrusters, it appeared that there was a line caught, so on arrival in Halifax a diver would sent down to investigate. This then lead to an extra night and day in Halifax while repairs were carried out, so yet again another change to our itinerary. 

We were then told that we would sail straight to Quebec, but would not arrive until late evening so this meant that the 2 day visit would now become one night and just one day. 

Our last port should have been Sydney, NS but yet again as this was a tender port it would have to be missed, but we did go to Sagueney which we had missed earlier.

i have to add that P&O were very good both with compensation and extra onboard credit, also free wine with dinner one day plus a voucher for the bar on the last four days.

Considering all that happened we had a great holiday, you can plan your holiday but you cannot plan the weather. As most of you are regular cruises you can imagine that some people where ready to make the Captain walk the plank, I got so fed up listening to all the moaners. The Captain did what was right In those conditions.

Next cruise on Arcadia already booked for May 2018






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We were on Aurora the same time as the Acadia cruise but starting in Canada and working down to Charlestown returning to the UK via Bermuda and the Azores. We also missed Bar Harbour which was tender due to fog and high winds which would have meant the ship would drag it's anchor. This stop was replaced with an extra day in New York which we really appreciated.

our Captain, Wesley Dunlop, and the navigation team were absolutely brilliant as they changed direction/planned route to miss tropical storms and hurricanes which must have effected Acadia's passage!

Our incident was a fire in the engine room, mid Atlantic, which left us without electricity and power for about 2 hours but once again the ship's company were so professional and ensured our safety. I can only say thank you to them all.

The only disappointment was the number if people moaning about all sorts of things but particularly the fact we berthed in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan where we had a superb view if the skyline and Statue of Liberty. Anyway that is another story.  

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