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Britannia to the Fjords

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Hello :)

I am booking the Britannia to the Fjords for next year. Can anyone advise or answer the following questions;

  1. Port or Starboard side?
  2. Is the Limelight Club worth the money?
  3. Is Sindhu nice for a special occasion?
  4. What happens in the Crystal room?
  5. Is the Beach House outside? (we really liked the Beach House on Oceana)
  6. Is it easy to do your own thing or will trips be needed?

Thanks in advance xx

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well I can answer them all as we have an inside cabin. The limelight club all depends on the act performing. We went when Dean Andrews performed a couple of years ago and paid I think £25. It was good but I didn't think the food was any better and the service was very poor, they cleared away our drinks when we were away from the table talking to Mr Andrews. We were on Britannia this year but the acts weren't our thing and they were more expensive, so it really does depend who they have appearing. 

For us Sindu is definitely worth it and is great for a special occasion, if there is one on board we always book in.

I think the Crystal Room is where they do the dancing I have two left feet so didn't spend much time in there.

The beach house is inside and again is a really nice place to eat, we really enjoyed our visit this summer and absolutely recommend. They use part of the self service restaurant for the beach house. 

I can't tell you anything about the trips to the Fjords as we haven't been to that area.





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We had a rear balcony cabin on Azura - amazing view of all the departures from ports - stunning.  If Britannia has them, I would recommend one of those.

Not done Britannia, far to big for us and by the time she was launched we had finished with P&O!

Sindhu in our opinion is grossly over-rated.  Done it twice, on Arcadia and Azura - service impeccable, food very average both times.  I have heard that the Epicurean on Britannia is better.

As for trips, some destinations are great to do on your own, some lend themselves more to do a tour.  We had the best tour ever on our visit to Alesund. but I'm not sure if P&O go there any more so it's probably not one of your ports.


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Beautiful views port and starboard. Beach House is £7.50 per person but worth it. Most ports of call can be done independently by either stepping off the ship (Stavanger, Flam, Alesund) or a short shuttle ride (Bergen). If going to Olden I would highly recommend going to Briksdal Glacier either on a ship excursion or a tour bus available port side. We found the Flam railway excursion overpriced and not that exciting a journey. If you really want to do it, get off the ship as soon as you can and buy tickets at the station 2 minutes walk away. Much cheaper.

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We had a balcony cabin port side on the Britannia. You will get views on either side once cruising the fjords. But we found we were always facing the port when we had docked, which was nice. We dined in Sindhu and it was fantastic! The service and food was worth the extra supplement. We also tried Epicurean, and again this was faultless. Either restaurant would be great for a special occasion. We also did the Briksdal Glacier excursion which i would do again - beautiful. Even the drive to the glacier is gorgeous and the guide very informative. Other ports of call - Stavanger, Bergen and Alesund - we did not do excursions here and in all ports you can just walk off the ship and explore independently. :)

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