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I did the "Behind the "Behind the Scenes" tour with P & O a couple of years ago. The cost was £75 (I had OBC to use up!) and was very interesting.

It started in the theater - going into the sound box and backstage. We then went on to the loading deck and saw the anchors etc. Following that we went to the print room, the waste disposal area, the engine control; room (not the engine room itself), the fire safety department, the food storage and preparation areas and then up to the galley. We had refreshments in the dining room and then up to the bridge where we were welcomed by the Captain who showed us how everything worked and answered any questions. The tour ended in the Captains Lounge with canapes and fizz.

We were accompanied throughout by a member of the Entertainment team - who acted as host. We also had a member of the security staff always with us - to ensure we didn't go anywhere we shouldn't - and a photographer.

We received a lapel pin badge and an apron emblazoned with the "Behind the scenes" logo - delivered to our rooms later in the day

The whole tour lasted (if I remember correctly) around 3.5 hours

It was a good experience but I'm not sure I'd pay £75 to do it again.

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1 hour ago, clare said:

We did a galley tour on Azura in august. £25pp including a 3 course meal. Really interesting and worth every penny. Took just under 3 hours over a lunchtime. Clare

you can have a 3 course meal at lunchtime in the restaurant included in your cruise fare so you are basically paying £25pp to look round the galley. They have always done a tour of the galley free of charge prior to what used to be chocaholics special afternoon tea but something else that has been stopped and now charging for.

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