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QE2 - 50 years since it's launch

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Hi  There's an interesting item on the BBC's website on the QE2.  It's fifty years since the ship was launched, I have had the privilege of sailing on this vessel and reading the website it brought back plenty of good memories but the one which sticks in my mind the most is disembarking in Lisbon and seeing that the ship had a whale impaled on the bow.  The service and food were excellent but I remember being totally unimpressed with the main theatre, it was not separate and the outer aisles acted as general corridors between the different areas of the ship.  What are your memories?


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Our first cruise was on QE11, I ecstatic so impressed with the Cunard experence, the atmosphere was thrilling in the cold light of day, she was a difficult ship to find your way around, the staterooms were quite small, but boy did I loved that old girl , we were lackey to sail on her quite a few times, 

All the Cunard ships have crew on them who we knew from those days, who greet us as long lost family. When you recall things about the ship, and story's of mishaps we all become misty eyed.

she (the ship) had a magic about her, I have never found on any other cruise line.

just my recollection and my opinion 

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Ahhh I echo everything you say JenJen I loved the 'Old Girl' too although I found it quite an easy ship to get around as long as you used the central staircase, we had a few years break from Cunard so I was delighted when we went back to the Queens to see lots of 'old faces' not just crew but passengers too.

I have lots of happy memories of QE2 and could talk about it for hours.

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