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Arcadia J717 carribean 7 -31st october 2017

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final thoughts and musings i hope youve enjoyed my drivel the last month or so. firstly, omg where does all the dust come from and yee gods do i really get that much junk mail in a month ! and ok

at last after several weeks of searching its booked. a little background to the issues that caused such a prolonged decision. i am a widower so the first issue the dreaded single supplement. i ha

Very true Andrew many older people are fun and lively, it reminds me of the time many years ago on QE2 when we were seated at dinner with a husband/wife and sister who were sharing a cabin, all in the

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The luggage in the baggage hall is arranged by decks which makes it easier to find your own bags. So it stands to reason that decks with less cabins have less luggage to search through - We were amazed to find how easy it was when we came back on Adonia compared with say Ventura. We've only had 1 bag go missing and that was soon found amongst the ones on a different deck. Make sure your cases are distinctive either by their design or by tying a patterned scarf (or similar) to the handle.

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we are docking as we speak so to speak, hes pushed in early as they want the contractors on board early and he wants to be out by 12.

suspicious ones among us reckon it was the plan all along, hence miss azores and use la corunna.

a lot of stuff closed at 8pm as we were in terratorial waters.

due to get off 8.40-8.50, trains at 10.13.

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Safe journey home Mitch, thanks for taking the trouble to post about your cruise ,which I found very funny and well observed .

I will pass on a tip I got from a friend who like you has dodgy knees, she uses "FLEXISEQ" cream you rub it around the joint and it does ease the aching and pain, I have used it also it does work ,but it's not cheap,,,,,Davybe

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safeley home, off early disembarkation was a breeze although a long walk which pained.

i have algesal a cream which helps and was needed today lol.

at the train station by 9 so bit of a wait but all smooth.

i could quite happily turn around and go again.

i will summarise tommorrow as frankly i am jiggered.

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final thoughts and musings i hope youve enjoyed my drivel the last month or so.

firstly, omg where does all the dust come from and yee gods do i really get that much junk mail in a month ! and ok how do i work the cooker.

anyway as you may know if youve read all this rubbish so far the last time i cruised was about 2005 a couple of years afer my wife died and i stopped as the single supplement was getting silly anyway for medical reasons in sept i was told not to fly so began the hunt for a holiday with no flying. and that i could cope with 2 gammy knees.

tips ive learnt

1. use the baggage handling company for your large bag as train would be near impossible with a case and duff knees. i cant comment on the bus service but it sounds a viable alternative. also i dont have to think about dirty washing for another couple of days till the bag arrives lol.

2. take more underwear and socks as in warmer climes you will want to change more often also more comfy shoes ladies stillettos arent easy on a moving deck (not through personal experience just observation).

3.or be prepared to endure the laundry room wars. it was discovered part way through the cruise that the "out of order" machine on deck 5 wasnt "out of order" merely one womans way of beating the queues. beware of dirty tricks.

4.be prepared to queue and wait on embarkation and disembarkation,however it is very well organised but taxing if you have to stand on gammy legs.assistance is available so do book it, i didnt and suffered dont let pride get in the way.

5. if your not a fan of a particular brand of toiletry,sunscreen etc. dont pack any call in at boots or somewhere when you get to southampton as they add a lot of weight to your bags. or just use the ones supplied theyre not bad.sunscreen wasnt that much more expensive on the ship. so if weights an issue for your bags its an extra couple of pairs of shoes or something.

6.most importantly avoid the moaners a bit difficult i know on p&o but boy can they put a downer on your holiday, frequent the casino more the people in there seem to be a bit more laid back. one guy i kept encountering in the coffee shop kept whittering on about a chip in his sink. honestly how does that affect your holiday. most of the cruises i went on previously were ncl or rccl and mostly americans they seemed more interested in enjoying the experience for some reason we brits want to moan. i have to say i wont let them put me off but it really could put some off p&o. which would be a shame as it does still have formal night which i have to say i enjoy and there are alternatives if you dont want to dress. some i think spent the whole cruise on deck 9 alternating between their sunbed and the buffet.


in conclusion an excellant holiday the only minor "complaint" the single supplement but its there and i have to suck it up unfortunateley and i have as i have booked 2 more on board as it saved quite a bit and build in the extra obc as a disount in a sense its a little more bearable. the important thing do your homework and be honest with yourself what do you want from your holiday,if you dont want to dress up or have fixed mealtimes then other lines may be more appropriate but there are alternative dining options so dont dismiss p&o out of hand. be realistic about what you expect.


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Thank's for for all you post's Mitch really enjoyed them.

As Jensen say's if a crack in the sink is your only problem ,you were lucky.

We sailed on P&O's Oceana and had a iffy toilet, which would flush sometimes ,or not depending on how it felt, often it would flush anything unto 9 times on the trot(No Pun intended) eventually giving up and flooding the bathroom? The Engineer said ' Don't worry we will clear the mess up" I would have put a lot of money on that ? The toilet became a good talking point as others were having similar problem's ,we all laughed it off?

The last morning we were leaving the cabin to catch the coach home ,and we used the toilet, which was still flushing as we walked down the corridor to the lift.Still a good cruise....Davybe

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Thanks for all your fun posts and photos Mitch.  Glad you had such a good time.  All of us solo travellers are with you regarding the single supplements - even when in a single cabin!  Pleased to say I have just been able to book a Thomson cruise in the Caribbean next January for a supplement in the region of 20%!  It does however mean a long flight but I will put up with that to visit Cuba :).

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I've enjoyed reading about your cruise too. I can't believe someone would put an out of order sign on a machine in the launderette. What a cheek.:rolleyes: I've never personally set foot in a launderette on the ship as I always send our clothes to the laundry. When I'm on a cruise I'm a lady of leisure. 😄

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