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Arcadia J717 carribean 7 -31st october 2017

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1 hour ago, afcandrew said:

Bite the bullet M of A and get that cruise booked.  My partner of 26 years died in 2012 and I have been on 4 cruises solo since then.  It is a great way to travel.  Generally speaking, longer cruises and cruises to cooler climates attract a higher age demographic.  Having said that however, many older people are fun and lively.  Most of the time on P&O, there is a hosted coffee meet about 10.00am every sea day and an unhosted meet on port days.  These are good for meeting other solo pax who you might want to pal up with to go ashore or for a drink in the evening.  Also, you are often seated on a dinner table with other solo pax.  You can always ask for that when booking to make sure.  I have also cruised with a friend too but really enjoy my solo cruises.  Aurora would be a great ship for you first solo sailing.

Very true Andrew many older people are fun and lively, it reminds me of the time many years ago on QE2 when we were seated at dinner with a husband/wife and sister who were sharing a cabin, all in their 80's but such fun, it didn't even phase them that upon boarding they discovered they had a cabin with 2 x bunk beds, as none of them would have been capable of climbing to the top bunk let alone get down again, they simply took the mattress off  and 'Fred' being the gentleman he was slept on the floor between the two, fortunately it was only for one night as I said they should go and speak to the purser which they did and they were given two more suitable cabins ( at no cost ) not sure that would happen today !! my point though is they took it all in their stride and saw the funny side of it, I'm sure they would have just put up with it without complaint had they not been encouraged to ask for help, they were all an absolute delight and age was certainly not a barrier if I remember correctly I think I was only in my 30's ( ohh to be that young again :rolleyes:

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final thoughts and musings i hope youve enjoyed my drivel the last month or so. firstly, omg where does all the dust come from and yee gods do i really get that much junk mail in a month ! and ok

at last after several weeks of searching its booked. a little background to the issues that caused such a prolonged decision. i am a widower so the first issue the dreaded single supplement. i ha

Very true Andrew many older people are fun and lively, it reminds me of the time many years ago on QE2 when we were seated at dinner with a husband/wife and sister who were sharing a cabin, all in the

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it pretty stormy out last night hence the sealed decks.

this morning couldnt be more of a contrast flat-ish seas and a decent sunrise and the lido pool roof is being opened so the promise of the sunrise looks good for a fair day.

certainly easier to move around although i am paying the price of yesterdays efforts the knees are letting me know they didnt appreciate having to work so hard yesterday lol.

and the extra painkillers etc required yesterday are playing havoc with my digestive system.

mind it may also to do with the couple of dark and stormies i had as a night cap.

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Phew ! Great to hear it's a bit better today. I think you have done pretty well Mitch, not sure I would fair as well but I will try for sure...with the help of the girls on here giving me plenty to think about I have been wading through the Internet checking out up-coming voyages.

missing your pics....I expected some super sleuth...shots of the old or not so old ravers, especially as they have Been forced inside riding out the storm.....lol.

talking of riding.....nooooo mind out of the gutter people.....I'm off for my riding lesson now. The horses legs can do what I can't(gallop)....once I'm on the nag my legs are obsolete....I just have to learn to adapt my seat and riding posture due to my restrictive leg....getting there tho...

have a nice relaxing day Mitch...any passenger dramas unfolding....as per JJ's inference earlier when you set off from Barbados....?

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ok here in la corrunna, must say the one side by far the prettiest port weve docked in.

not quite so much industrial stuff.

the bed nappers still at it lol entire deck empty except if you look closeley by the life ring there are 2 beds and a chair reserved by towels and those huge pegs.

virtually the entire ship emptied at about 10 am.








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A Coruna is one of those nice little places where you dock pretty much in the centre of town and can just get off and stroll around if you want to.  The old town is partly up a bit of a hill but the main shopping area etc is on the flat just behind the waterfront.  It is not that far to walk through the town to the huge beach on the other side - but that of course comes from my perspective as an able-bodied person!

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So Mitch...this is the last night before you reach Southampton. Anything special going on aboard ? Goodby party's etc....? Have you met any chums who maybe want to be part of your crew on your next sail away .? I hate goodbye's after a holiday etc...but then I suppose once your back in Ye old Blighty things change back to regular day to day living... 

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8 minutes ago, Master at Arms said:

just to find out what I may have to expect when I go....? if the ship docks at 12.00 midnight or close to it.....do they sling you off late at night ?

if you stay on.....and get off in the morning....how long does it take to get bags and get through customs ? cant be quick surely...and with loads of people prob quite a scrum ?


The ships dock early morning usually around 6.00am, you can usually disembark around 7 ish if you self disembark ie: you have to carry your own luggage off otherwise have a leisurely breakfast and wait for disembarkation to start which is usually between 8.30 - 9.00 and yes it is a scrum even though it's done at intervals ( only part of a cruise I hate ) you then go to the luggage hangar to retrieve your luggage which looks like chaos but is actually quite well organised, then through customs and that's it you're on your way home, I would say most of the time from leaving the ship to getting through customs it rarely takes us more than 10 minutes.

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Relax Master, not a scrum at all, like embarking all well planned, last cruise we disembarked at 0915  and collected the bags etc and in the car by 0930 that was in September this year so not out of date information, usually start getting the bags off about 0700 I think perhaps you are worrying about how all the cruise system works, just trust the cruise line, follow the times your given and go with flow, until you have first hand experence you won't get the reassurance your craving.

I know it must be difficult for you, take a deep breath book something you fancy, and the forum will support you as much as possible one of us might even be on your choice of cruise.

I failed to say you can get assistance with embarking and disembarking and lots of porters in the baggage hall, hopes this helps

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Missed a bit
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Good point about assisted embarking/disembarking JJ .. I'd forgotten about that.

I don't know how you miss the scrum though, we're usually in the first group off with Cunard but I still find myself having to push my way through all those who insist on blocking the stairways and entrances to the gangway but granted it's better than it used to be.

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We always hold back enjoy the coffee and news papers, (you are diamond as well dancing queen)so can let the scrum battle it out, hold back and no real problem with the aid of bright orange ribbon on the suit cases can spot them, lots of guest don't go by the times they are given so start pushing at 0800 works for us anyway

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