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Arcadia J717 carribean 7 -31st october 2017

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at last after several weeks of searching its booked.

a little background to the issues that caused such a prolonged decision. i am a widower so the first issue the dreaded single supplement. i havent done a cruise for some time or even booked a brochure holiday for the last 10 years i have booked a flight and arranged my own hotel and saved at least a thousand pounds on a fortnights holiday to destinations that can provide some sun.

however earier this year i damaged my already arthiritic knees so any flight over an hour or so is out of the question hence the search for a cruise from a uk port.

additionally i am one of the lepers that smoke albeit now an electronic version so it brings its own restrictions,combined with the inability to stand for more than 10 minutes i needed to find out if there were seats available in smoking areas or if you were relegated to a pontoon towed behind the ship. so emails were necessary to cruiselines. and following said emails it seems additional info has appeared regarding smoking areas on some p&o ships.

the weekend has been spent preparing and repairing baggage etc and the first practice pack has started, the aim to get enough in for a 24 night cruise and keep the bag below 23kgs.

the main bag will commence the holiday before me on the 3rd oct with the baggage company as i dont fancy battling the rail system with a large bag, a walking stick and a rucksack.

for £72 return it seems a no brainer,and the rail fare wasnt bad just over £100 return from chesterfield with an upgrade to first class down to southampton.

so the boxes are getting ticked the list of washing and dry cleaning is complete, ironing all but the last load done. the self travelling bag is almost packed for the first time,initial weigh in will be on wed/thurs, then the task of slimming it down will begin to get to its target weight for the 3rd. do i really need that hawaian shirt or that second bottle of sunscreen.

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final thoughts and musings i hope youve enjoyed my drivel the last month or so. firstly, omg where does all the dust come from and yee gods do i really get that much junk mail in a month ! and ok

at last after several weeks of searching its booked. a little background to the issues that caused such a prolonged decision. i am a widower so the first issue the dreaded single supplement. i ha

Very true Andrew many older people are fun and lively, it reminds me of the time many years ago on QE2 when we were seated at dinner with a husband/wife and sister who were sharing a cabin, all in the

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going  through the tick sheets and list making brought back a lot of memories lol.

the wife and i did quite a few cruises between 1995 and when she died in 2003. sat ironing this afternoon i had the thought at least i havent had to go clothes shopping.

that was a nightmare endured prior to every cruise  trips to nottingham or meadowhall or where ever to get "the new outfit". it usually involved an entire day in whatever shopping centre "trying on", followed by several fashion shows at home.

followed by another trip to same shopping centre to return half of what was bought on trip one followed by more buying. repeat 3 times for each shopping centre.

at least.

dont even ask about shoe shopping lol esp as she  was tall almost 6ft and had size 8 feet.

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ya hay, ironing complete.

first practice pack weighed in at 30kg oops.

simple fix toiletries, sunscreen,shower gel etc removed along with a book, transferred to rucksack/hand luggage.

second pack 23.2kgs job done.

amazing how heavy liquids are, in future i think i will just buy what i need on board reckon theyll have most stuff.

it can sit in the corner now until the 3rd.

organised or what lol.


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ok the amendment is in, due to the hurricanes we wont be going to st maarten but will move antigua to that day and go to martinique on the day scheduled originally for antigua so given all thats happened not much of an inconveniance.

boy the nhs are a pain, went to the gp to get prescriptions sorted early to cover the cruise as its 24 days effectiveley 26 with getting there and back. talk about the spanish inquisition. what a pallaver, ive only been on this regimine for 8 years so its not as if theres owt new. i just need a months worth a bit early.

i think they thought i was flogging the stuff. mind i suppose theres a lot of pain killers in there.

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thanks pesky, i always do as codeine is one, i keep a copy as if the boys in blue stop you it shows up on a roadside drugs test as a positive.

as i found out during a xmas clampdown round here fortunately i had a copy in my bag otherwise it could have been a long drawn out affair.

the policeman said as there were strong painkillers i should keep a copy in the car.

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We hope you have a great holiday one suitcase will be fine as previous comment do your smalls and shirts in laundry good place for a gossip I have learnt loads of interesting things about stops on the cruise in the laundry. We love Arcadia will be interested to know what the single supplement was. Enjoy your holiday. 

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cost £3253 so practically 90% single supp booked late. but 24 nights of being spoilt.

ok first the good stuff, train journey was a doddle the suitcase was waiting in the cabin g48,quite a big inside with large sofa 3 wardrobes etc so oodles of space.

3 days at sea so far smooth as anything not quite sunbathing weather but some are attempting it lol.smoking areas plentiful and more importantly plenty of seating.

just have to make sure you dont get run over by the fitties on the prom deck, heaven help you if  you interfere with their best time lol.


the bad stuff and theres only one really  "OMG STOP BLOODY MOANING YOUR ON HOLIDAY" !!!!!!!!

ye gods these people would be a shoo in for gold at the moaning olympics.

i swear the next person that says ive cruised 20zillion times with p&o and standards arent what they used to be,my boiled egg was 2 degrees colder today. they are going overboard.

either that or i am getting off in the azores.

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it is comical though, theyve spent all this money, the staff i have to say are brilliant and quite honestly if i had to put up with what they do i would be inside by now.

fortunately there are enough places "mostly smoking areas" that are moan free.

also the casino is small but good fun, although the "karaoke night" in the bar next door last night did try the patience and destroyed the eardrums. my god they were awful. arent there any rules?? like if your tone deaf your not allowed to sing lol. it was so bad it was funny, once or twice.

thank god the proffessionals are back tonight.

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gorgeous day here in the azores sunny and warm just enough breeze off the sea to keep it nice.

loveley morning up on deck 9 by the pool pina colada and e-cig. virgin pina colada i may add lol.

not sure where the main brace is but i dont think the suns over it yet. or should that be yard arm.

i think the moaners must be on day trips so a very pleasant morning had by all watching the crew put through their drills.

fred karnos army springs to mind lol i know a few regimental sergeant majors who would have had fits by now lol.

a certain subby wearing his cover sideways would have been in front of the old man for sure lol.

mind wavy navy what do you expect tee hee .


(sits back and waits for the tars to engage) only joking boys.

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lovely morning soaking up the rays even tried the buffet for lunch, not my thing usually but very impressed saved a trek down to the dining room and i needed to take the pain killers etc so was v handy being next door. some fantastic fish offerings and a huge assortment of veggies etc. if your not in there at a busy time a very pleasant place to eat. very helpful staff as well as soon as one lad saw i was struggling a bit (back playing silly beggars) he was straight accross and offered to take the tray.

i was early so it wasnt busy, as the crowds came back from their trips it began to get a bit chaotic, but the staff were super quick at clearing and cleaning.

certainly excellant food and a wide choice.

off for a nap now before the evening frivolities.

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On 18/09/2017 at 6:31 PM, Pesky Pirate said:

I'm sure you will enjoy it. I must say I would need more than one suitcase for a 24 nighters and that's with doing a bit of laundry.

pesky, met a couple last night he obviously follows your lead, they came with 5 suitcases 3 of them his, one just for shoes.

i admit we fell about. i thought the shoes was a female thing.

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5 hours ago, mitch said:

pesky, met a couple last night he obviously follows your lead, they came with 5 suitcases 3 of them his, one just for shoes.

i admit we fell about. i thought the shoes was a female thing.

I posted on your other thread, whoops a daisy, anyways I take 3 cases no matter what the length of cruise. I cover all eventualities but unfortunately I’m not one for shoes,.. lol.

Glad you are enjoying it... 


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