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Anyone heard whether we will be given option of cancelling or re directing to other islands ?

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1 hour ago, Fleet said:

We are on our first cruise to the Caribbean on the Azura in November , most of the islands we are visiting have been hit by Irma , anyone heard whether we will be given option of cancelling or re directing to other islands ?

As far as I'm aware Fleet the only Islands which P&O visit who have closed ports at the moment are St Maarten and Tortola, there are many other islands they could re-direct to and I'm sure they will if it is necessary, it is very early days and cruise lines are working with the port authorities at the moment to determine the true extent of the damage tbh I would say just be patient for a couple of weeks by which time I feel sure any itinerary changes will be known.

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Hi  I'm off to the Caribbean in December and I am sure that the cruise line will try to alter to the itinerary if the proposed ports of call are so damaged that it makes them unsuitable for tourists.  Unfortunately many other ships in this region will be looking to do the same thing and it may be difficult to accommodate them all at alternative destinations while those which are considered suitable may be filled to capacity.  However, I fully understand that my vacation may be "marred" but I won't complain, compared to those living on these islands my minor inconvenience falls into insignificance.

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