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Adonias absence from 2019 cruise brochure

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Adonis seems to be the only one of the P&O fleet not featured in the 2019 brochure that arrived today. On checking the website she has scheduled cruises until March 2019. After that there is nothing . Anybody know why? Being small she has much better access to some places the bigger ships can't go to so I hope her future with P&O is secure. 

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40 minutes ago, littlemousa said:

I certainly hope Adonia stays in the P and O fleet. I was disappointed to not see her mentioned in the 2019 brochure. I am sailing on her in about 10 days time and will be asking what is planned for the future.

We're on her soon too littlemousa. Perhaps we're on the same cruise.

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With a lot of speculation I have seen over the past couple of days I am glad we are booked on Adonia for this year as it looks like anything beyond next spring is a bit in the air at the moment. The new brochure only has cruises listed until next spring 2018. Someone we were on cruise with last October has asked why the Adonia cruise they have booked for next summer is not in the brochure and they have been told they will receive a letter from P&O in the next few weeks. Sounds ominous.


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