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Atlantic crossing

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Having sailed on the Marco Polo and been caught in a Hugh storm on the way to Norway, I made a promise to myself that I would never cross the Atlantic in her. She has a very distinctive rolling action that I gave never had on any other ships. I have also sailed to the Caribbean on the Arcadia, in good and bad seas, never been a problem. We are sailing over the Atlantic on her again in a weeks time and looking forward to it.

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I am no expert but I think there are a lot of factors that come into play.  One is likely to be the shape of the hull and draft of the ship.  Another factor is not only the height of the waves/swell but what direction it is coming in and what is the direction of the wind too.  Maybe someone with more technical experience can give a fuller reply.

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Hi  As it is already mentioned it depends upon numerous factors, the most important, however, is the weather conditions and the route taken to cross the Atlantic.  If you are considering the north Atlantic route in winter storms are likely and even the QM2 which was built to sail this region in winter has run into problems with windows being broken and other damage.  Most cruise ships were not designed to sail in rough seas and most re-positional  cruises take the smoother southern route where the sea conditions are likely to be of a lesser concern.  However, if you are considering a cruise from the UK in autumn/winter across the Atlantic the conditions can be bad but usual they calm down as you approach the Azores or Madeira.  I have completed seven re-positional cruises in winter in mainly in small to medium sized vessels and have only one with severe weather and we experienced  hurricane force winds for a couple of days.  My advice if you are concerned about the motion of the ship I would seriously consider sailing in the spring when the sea conditions are more likely to be calm.


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