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First Time Cruisers – Always Be Ready!

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I am sick and tired of the embarking and disembarking process taking forever when you’re in port. For goodness sake people, have your cruise cards ready!! It must take hours longer than it should to get people off and on purely from people faffing around trying to rummage their cruise cards from their wallets and bags.


Just have them ready, it’s not that hard and stop slowing up the entire process! We all moan about the Great British tradition of queueing for everything,but when its down to a lack of forward thinking put it in your hand or even round your neck.


Thankfully Royal Caribbean and Princess are sorting this out with their wristbands. Hopefully that will put an end to the stupidity!

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I find it's not the cards but the Security ,same procedure at most ports , yet we see the same people caught by surprise that the ship expect you to go through security , putting all your metal goods (Coin's and Belts) through the scanner .Not hard just get ready ?

One Old bloke came up with a classic " we keep doing this very day ,I did it Yesterday and you found nothing ,and I have to do it today?" after which he slammed his camera down on the tray, it could have not done it much good.

How many times do we see Ladies rummaging in there bags at supermarket checkout must come as a surprise having to pay for the goods....Davybe:rolleyes:

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Ha you make a really good point CC! It's something that would sit well on Frank Skinner's Room 101.

I couldn't agree with you more. It is soooo frustrating watching people spend ages in a queue only to reach the front and not have anything prepared. It applies to cruising, the supermarket and especially at the airport when checking in for a flight or waiting to get on the plane. Just have your passport and boarding passes ready.

The cruise card thing though is perhaps the most frustrating of them all as it's not something that's a one off. It's something you need every single time you get off and on the ship so it almost becomes natural to have it ready. It's particularly annoying when you don't have much time in a port and you want to make the most of your day.

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I'm with everyone else on this subject ... whether disembarking on a Cruise or in the Supermarket Queue.  

Not sure there is an answer to the Supermarket problem, but I'm adamant that the Cruise Lines - P&O for certain - could help more by having people by the disembarkation area 'reminding' people to have them ready.  They can do this on disembarkation day ... but that's to their advantage.

When embarking in a port I think the Security Staff could be more helpful and friendly by chatting to people and reminding them of what is expected once at the entry point.

During a stop at Dubrovnik we were advised by an announcement and in the daily paper that Passports would be required ... first time we'd encountered this in Croatia.  

When our Shuttle bus arrived at the Dock Gate a Croatian Customs official came onboard to check our Passports ... and, you've guessed it.  Some passengers didn't have theirs and the whole Shuttle Bus was sent back.  The 'offenders' got off to fetch their Passports and some replacement passengers boarded and the Shuttle Bus made its way back to the Dock Gate ... where the Official again boarded the bus and found some of the replacement passengers - including the Comedian -  didn't have their passports. So it was back to the Ship again and the 'offenders' got off ... some more replacements got on to chorus of 'have you got your passports' ... from the rest of the passengers on the Bus 

Yes, you can blame the passengers ... but not everybody reads the paper or hears all announcements and it was an unusual procedure for Dubrovnik where on previous stops no Passports had been necessary.  

All of this could easily have been avoided by a Cruise Staff Member being by the disembarkation queue and reminding passengers of the need for a passport ... good simple customer service I would call it.

Just off to Marks and Spencer for some food shopping ... you get a better class of Customer there ... they expect the Till Staff to search through their bundles of money off vouchers.  Clearly too important to do it themselves.  


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My husbands pet hate is waiting in a supermarket queue for the person at the checkout to start searching for their purse in order to pay. Guess what it is always a woman letting the side down. I must admit we have never encountered someone searching for their keycard/ident on reboarding the ship, and we have always taken our passports ashore when required and have only had them checked on reentering  or leaving the port but never on the shuttle bus. That must have been so annoying having to go back and forth to the ship because of a few passengers who thought they knew best, because there have been times when we have taken identification and it has never been checked but we still take them.

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Oh Yes!!!!How I agree! It was enough to drive me insane on my first cruise that people didn't get the hang of this getting on/getting off lark! Security is that! We need it so we don't get bumped off, yet STILL people don't get it and moan and groan-the very folk who, if the boat went up with a bomb would moan and groan about no security so what do you expect. I was new at it. I always had my card ready. There again in the supermarket I have my card ready for when I've packed my shopping away-I hang it in the slot of the card holder. 

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