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Hot Hot Hot in Europe +40C

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As the weather seems to have deserted the UK I didnt realise this was part of BREXIT!

The rest of Europe basks in manic temperatures due the aptly named 'Lucifer' I wonder if this will be great for tourism or will it put people off. I also wonder if umbrella manufacturers have been practicing rain dances or is it down to colleagues really bad singing at work

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3 hours ago, Davybe said:

Just would not consider going in that sort of Temperature ,way to hot for me.

I would be in the shade preferably  Air con cooled .

Bet some people will be out sunbathing no matter how hot it is....Davybe

The problem is you just do not know what the weather will be like when you book a cruise. I would be just as mad uf it was raining in the med when we were there. 🤔

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On the flip side of this I also read a report that  a family had gone unprepared for a trip to the British seaside(I think it was Morecambe) and were treated for hypothermia. Just goes to show the English Channel must be the dividing line between hot & cold! So if it all gets too much for our foreign counterparts then they should think about a holiday in the UK!

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