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Eden - New Celebrity Edge Reveal

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The next Edge reveal from Celebrity Cruises is here. What are your thoughts on this new concept?

There's a link to the video below for anyone who is looking to see more about what else is to come.


Eden will be a new venue that will feature three levels of sensory experiences, with windows that will also look out to sea so nature is intertwined in the both the design and performances that will feature in here. There will also be the Eden Cafe with experimental cuisine which will transform morning and evening.

Celebrity are pushing the boundaries from the magic carpet idea to this new Eden venue and I'm sure it will attract to many customers or even those new to cruising. It will be interesting to see how this all looks when it comes together and what else Celebrity may have in mind.

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I remain to be convinced!


I am a massive fan of evolution and modernizing but I think it looks tacky!! Maybe the reality will be better than the CGI but currentl it isn't appealing... I think Celebrity are trying to take a leaf out of Anthem Of The Sea's/Harmony Of The Sea's type innovation but for me this just doesn't look great!



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I share your concerns too on this Popsicle. Thus far, it does look quite gimmicky but I'm living in hope that seeing as it's Celebrity, they will make it work. I would have little faith in P&O pulling off such dramatic whilst maintaining a nice atmosphere on board but I would back Celebrity to pull it off, especially following the success they have had with the Solstice Class ships. 

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It's really difficult to get a true picture of something from an artist impression. No matter how good the graphics are on the digital creations they release, it's never going to give you a true idea of what it will be like on board. Not to say I don't take an interest in such impressions as I do. It's always interesting to see new releases of what we can expect from new ships but I always try and hold off judging things too harshly based on my perception from such photos and videos.

I think (hope) Celebrity will pull it off well.

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