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Registering Cruise Card against Credit Card

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Travel on MSC Cruise

As it was our first cruise ever we knew we had to register our payment card against our cruise card but it didn't have to be straight away so we didn't bother for quite a while but then we decided to buy the photos taken on the cruise and the photos shop contacted the reception to get a temp 250 euros credit limit on our cruise card this was done without any problems but we then went to but some drinks (we were on the inclusive drinks package) we were told by the steward that we had to go to reception to get them to authorize the drinks.


It seems that if you don't register your credit card against your cruise card then if a temp credit limit is put on your account then the cruise card is subject to a type of stop.


Is this normal.

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Normally register the card as we book in ,MSC must be different than the rest? You need to tell your Credit card company that you intend to use your card abroad and with the cruiseline , I failed to do this on our first cruise and they locked my credit card due to unusual  activity . It Does happen from time to time and your Card supplier will tell you rhy it was blocked...Davybe

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It did say register your credit card but that it could be done at any time before the end of the cruise. With the drinks package the drinks were charged to the cruise card then the cost was zeroed. So the receipt would say 2 cocktails 26 euros then below that would be zeros do the cruise card was never running up a debt. It was only Shen we decided to buy the photos that the non registering of the credit card caused a problem when we wanted s drink afterwards. I was quite surprised myself when they authorised a temp limit of 250 euros to allow us to buy the photos without s card being registered

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