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Google to have a new office?

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Not sure if anyone has seen in the news that Google are planning a new office in London. Is this somewhere you would like to work? Below is details from the article on the daily mail.

Google has unveiled final plans for its luxury £1billion UK super headquarters with sleep pods, sports pitches and a rooftop 'field' with 200metre running track to ensure 'wellness' for up to 7,000 staff.

The tech giant's 870,000 sq ft building planned for Kings Cross in London will be the first office it has designed for itself outside California.

Described as a 'groundscraper' because the building will be as long as the Shard is tall - designers say when completed it will be one of the best places to work in the world. 

The new office has been likened to a giant playground for staff and has a half Olympic sized swimming pool, 'wellness and fitness centre' with a gym and a large indoor sports hall for games of basketball and football. 

Its breathtaking 300 metre long landscaped roof terrace will have 'fields, gardens and meadows' and a large rooftop cafe providing free food and drink to allow 'Googlers' to 'escape from work' and 'relax'. 

Inside the open plan office there are 'pause areas' surrounded by plants, trees and 'living walls' of greenery - and sleeping pods if staff need a nap or stay overnight after a long day. 

Google has submitted plans to Camden Council for approval around two years after boss Larry Page ordered previous extravagant proposals be ripped up because they were too boring.

So what will become of Google's existing quirky chintz-covered, pub-themed 'hubs'? 

Before its super-HQ is finished, Google's three main offices are in central London - two close to Victoria station and the other near Covent Garden - and has another in London for its artificial intelligence arm, known as DeepMind.

Its main building is Central St Giles, a typical London tower block painted bright colours and filled with typical Google quirks.

Based over five floors its strange rooms and spaces include a 'Granny's Flat' with chintzy furniture and wallpaper as well as padded meeting rooms with airlock doors, including one decked out like an old London pub.

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