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Greedy Kid's

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Reported by several papers on line this morning .


This couple were very generous with their family and friends Making 20 of them Millionaires from there Massive Lottery win ,then along came their greedy son and his partner  ,who took his parents to court as they refused to finance his lifestyle ,apparently he got through £1-5m in under two years .

What  would you have done if you had won all that money  ...Davybe

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Let's face it Davybe,

There's never been a shortage of people in life, who could always spend other peoples money , so much better and faster than the actual recipients ever could. LOL!

What would I do? Keep quiet about it, and only let those who I completely trusted, know about it. As a family, we were taught to share from a young age, to share the good things of course, but similarly share and understand each others bad times too.

So whilst we are far from rich by modern day standards, nothing like! We; being myself, my sister, my brother, our cousins and best friends in life are all quite thankfully, reasonably comfortable in life now, thanks to hard work and holding on to secure employment whenever we could! Homes paid off before retirement etc, but far, far, from the cakewalk that so many now think we had. Mortgage Interest Rates tracking the Pound, and going up 2% overnight.

So yes, given a windfall like that, I'd now think about investing in/providing new but reasonably modest homes for the upcoming generation of my own great nieces and nephews etc, but not take on the responsibility of paying their household bills as well. The only way to survive in life is to understand how money works, and without that essential experience, they will never survive in life, no matter how much money they are given.

Hence the absurd situation/new link above. I'd disinherit him, no further argument needed!


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