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Travel to China would you River Cruise or go for a land based tour?

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We went to China two years ago on a tour that included the major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and also a four day river cruise.  We enjoyed the cruise, but it wasn't by any means the highlight of the trip and four days was long enough.  We explored several options, ocean cruise, river cruise and land tour and settled on the one that ticked all the boxes for us.  Flying from city to city was easy and quick and in 20 days we saw the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, pandas in Chongqing, and almost all the sights we wanted.  We missed the water towns around Shanghai, so we are going back there for a short independent visit before a cruise to Japan later this year.

Hope this helps


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Due to the distance in travelling I would want to look at combining the two, after being lucky enough last year to experience a River Cruise I believe it would be a perfect way to take in some of the areas more off the tourist map, that would not be as easy to reach by land alone.

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Hi cruise chef,

China is such a huge country and the interesting areas so wide spread and diverse, I fail to see how you could possibly do it justice solely on a river cruise.

We visited in Autumn 2007 on a land tour with Collette Travel, an American organisation.  It involved 5 internal flights and included a few days on a Yangtze cruise.  Can't give you more details at the moment as I am in deepest, darkest Denmark but, if you're still interested, I could look up more details when we return at the end of the month.


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