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Have cruised on Navigator 5 times including two Trans Atlantic's and it's my favourite ship in  RCI's Voyager Class.

It certainly offers just about everything that a person could want on a cruise. 'The Mall' on deck 5 is where the Captain has his welcome on board event. The Mall also has balconies over looking it from higher decks and this is the place to witness the 'Mardi Gras' parade from. The Mall is also home to the Pig and Whistle pub and if Ian Millar is the resident singer/guitarist you are in for a treat. Have always found the food, service and entertainment to be better than most other middle of the road cruise lines. Your 12 year old will love it as RCI excel with their facilities for children of all ages. Book tickets for the ice show early as they are very popular. I think the ice rink is on deck 3. Have a great time. 

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We were on Navigator of the Seas  on May 12th this year and totally agree with the comments made by Oldworldtraveller as we cannot fault the ship or the cruise. We are fairly "seasoned" cruisers and allthoigh RCI is not usually our company of choice when it is just my husband & I, this was organised by my son who is a great supporter of RCI having been on many of their ships. We had a family of five in the cabin next to us two girls and a boy, I would think the eldest girl to be about 11 or 12 and on the brief occasions we met outside in the corridors they seemed to be having a wonderful time ... one evening the girls were all dressed up like princesses and on the " meet the Captain"  evening the whole family went together looking super in their "posh frocks" (not dad of course, though he looked quite smart!!)  I heard them asking our cabin steward for a few extra bits & pieces they needed and he was happy to oblige. There were quite a few children on that cruise even though it was not school holidays here so I would think during the school holidays there would be plenty of company for your daughter and there is certainly loads to do. All I can add to OWT's comments is to make sure you read the daily paper of all the events happening as this will tell you times of shows, if you need to book tickets, such as for the ice show ( you don't have to pay for these but it will assure you a seat, but try to get there early for a front one) generally everything that is happening on board. For a first time cruiser it is a " must" read.  I hope and am sure you will have a wonderful time but be warned I took my family on their first cruise in 1997 and  we are all still cruising 20 years later, this time my son paid for us!!!

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