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How do we find out when formal night will be on board?

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If you go to the help section on the P&O web site and type in "what will the dress code be when I am onboard" it will take to the section that will give you an idea of how many formal nights to expect. It won't tell you which nights but will give you an idea of how many to expect. As previously mentioned formal nights are normally sea days, enjoy.

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20 hours ago, Whitjaw said:

Hi we are going on our first cruise aboard Brittania in July and wondered how we find out when the formal nights are onboard. We have checked the personal organiser page and it just tells you how many there are but not when is it too early?

Sea days are formal nights.all port days are casual.on all ships.

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1 hour ago, Countrygirl said:

Sorry KcG, but Sea days are not always Formal night on our 24 night cruise in Sept with P&O we only have 7 formal nights and we are having at least 14 sea days while onboard. 

Agree with Countrygirl. Formal nights are not always held on sea days. A port intensive itinerary would not allow for such a plan to take place so unfortunately, there are formal nights on port days on many itineraries. 

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38 minutes ago, Whitjaw said:

Thanks for the replies we are going on the 14 night cruise on 22nd July. So can I pre-book a formal night before we go or do I have to wait until we're onboard?

You will have to wait until on board to know exactly which nights will be formal, as mentioned before they are usually are on sea days but I wouldn't trust that too much as on our last 14 night cruise we had 4 formal nights and 4 sea days and only one of the formal nights was on a sea day the rest were all port days.

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