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Celebrity Cruises Speciality Dining - QSINE

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Qsine is fun to do once, especially with a group, but I don't think I would go again.  It really is a bit gimmicky, spring rolls served on springs is one dish I remember.  Celebrity restaurants seem to have become very expensive, I am not sure if it worth the money.  On longer cruises they often give discounts, but probably not likely on shorter ones.

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On 4/23/2017 at 8:26 AM, Davybe said:

Quine is good fun but you need to be in a group to really enjoy it,Plenty to eat as much as you can cope with.

I would prefer Tuscan Grill or Murano  ,but keep your eye out for offers you never know we have had 2for 1 more once...Davybe

Couldn't agree more with you here Davybe. I liked Qsine but it's much more enjoyable as part of a group. It's certainly worth a try but if you've just got a few nights on board then I would recommend one of the other options as mentioned by Davybe. Murano is excellent as is the Tuscan Grill. Qsine is a novelty venue that once done once is enough, whereas I could visit the other two mentioned time and time again.

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I appreciate this is a very old thread but for those considering booking Celebrity and thinking about dining in Qsine I have some bad news. Qsine has been replaced with a new specialty dining restaurant called Le Petit Chef. 

I'd also agree that Qsine was a lot of fun if in a large group or great for those people who like a tapas type meal where you have a lot of different dishes to try. But it's gone. Well it's technically onboard Celebrity Summit but will be replaced within the next couple of weeks by LPC. 

Anyway, LPC is unusual because you sit at a table which acts as a TV screen with one of two shows being projected onto your table from above. The wait staff then serve three courses at intervals. It currently has a $55 cover charge per person. Courses can only be served when everyone has finished their previous course and their table cleared. So if you do have a slow eater in the restaurant you will be delayed... 

I know you thought Qsine was quirky right? Anyway if you want an idea of what to expect watch this...


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