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Every time I have been on a American Cruise Ship, they do not tend to dress up much at nights, I have even seen people go in with swim wear at night!!!

It may depend on the cruise line. My experience of sailing with Celebrity out of the USA is that almost everyone adheres to the dress code of the evening.




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Princess does not have semi formal and smart casual  at dinner is normally an open good shirt and in warm climates then a short sleeve with smart pants , no shorts though some try (ugh) . Nothing wrong with a light weight jacket . Formal nights are per code with suits and blazers, tuxes and white DJ though some ignore but most passengers do dress up nicely.

Princess though does not enforce so do not be surprised if some arrive with tshirt and all

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On a recent Princess cruise a 'gentleman' was allowed to enter the MDR on a formal night wearing track suit bottoms, a 'hoodie' and a back to front baseball cap. When my husband mentioned this to the Maitre D' his reply was "What can I do?"


Surely this is an insult to the people who do make an effort to smarten up for formal evenings - not essentially a DJ but at least a suit and tie. Also on casual evenings, shorts and t-shirts were not an unusual sight in the dining room.

While we really enjoy Princess cruises, this is one aspect which disappoints us.

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Dress codes are suggested in the daily 'paper' as guidelines for that particular evening.  Unfortunately guidelines are not 'rules'.  If there were rules, then they could be enforced.  Guidelines, on the other hand, are giving people a choice, and that some people will do what they want, when they want, and get away with it.  Such people do not feel embarrassment or self-consciousness, they just don't care. 

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I have been on some ships recently where pssengers have either been asked to go back to their room for a jacket or even denied access on a formal evening to the main restaurant as they were not appropriately dressed, so if you intend to make the most rhe ship has to offer it is best to go with the guidelines provided on the tickets or operators online cruise checkin site

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