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Which Ship Facilities DO You Use

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7 hours ago, DavidH said:


Not sure this thread will really work but, I'll give it a try.

The facilities I use are:-

Dining Rooms, Bars, Coffee Shops, Dance Floors (such as they are!!!), Theatres, Pools, Jaccuzis,Table Tennis, Deck Walking.

Oh - and toilets.




Good morning David

I think it will work simply in that you have already shown what you use and which is important to you on a ship. Fingers crossed.


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For me, alongside the previously mentioned regular features such as dining rooms, swimming pools, bars, theatres and open decks etc, I would add that I do value both a decent casino on board and a decent night spot. I'm not saying I always look for a nightclub and going down that route but I do like a ship that offers night time entertainment past 10pm. My last cruise with Holland America was an example where this wasn't the case. Everything seemed to close down after 10pm with the ship becoming a ghost town except from the casino.

I like to see a buzz around the ship when I'm on holiday and a good selection of bars and night spots to choose from often make that happen. I am a fan of casino's on board too. Not to visit every night but now and again it does appeal to me so I do value that.

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Hi  I always purchase decent coffee on any ship I sail on if it is not included in the boarding (none of the mainstream lines offer this).   On a longer cruise, particularly fly/cruises I use the self service laundry (if available) or wait until the ship advertises a "special deal" on their laundry prices.   Before the invention of ebooks I always visited the library and without doubt the best on board the seas is that on the QM2.  As with others I use the dining venues, (particularly al fresco in warm regions), the theatre, bars, sun loungers, swimming pool, hot tub etc.

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Like most others I use most areas of the ship, pools, sun decks, bars and restaurant, theatre etc.

Our personal favourite area is the casino, with the exception of the Spanish lottery, we don't really gamble at home, so when cruising we have a flutter on the roulette wheel, poker & blackjack tables and slots.

Never over the top and we set a daily limit, I'm never that lucky but the wife won £2,500 on the slots  on our last cruise in August, fortunately at the time she didn't realise she was playing maximum stake, never seen so many tokens. :D


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