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Cruising around the Greek Islands

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It would seem that limits on Santorini visits are already in place, more for logistics than anything else at the moment.

The cruise mentioned earlier by two posters, Ventura 14/05/2017 has had its itinerary changed: Rhodes has replaced Kusadasi and the order of visiting the Greek Islands has been altered.

Taken from Bolsover email

"Your cruise operator has recently been made aware that there are five ships due to call to Santorini on Wednesday 24th May, which is likely to cause congestion in and around the port and may delay the operation of any shore excursions that day.

In order to avoid any disruption to your experience ashore, it has been necessary to amend the port order from Sunday 21st May to Wednesday 24th May. The revised portion of the itinerary is as follows:-

21/05/17 Athens (Piraeus), Greece – Arrive early morning & Depart early evening
22/05/17 Santorini, Greece – Arrive early morning, Tender required, Depart early evening
23/05/17 Rhodes, Greece – Arrive morning & Depart early evening
24/05/17 Heraklion, Greece – Arrive early morning & Depart afternoon"

The Crete visit has been changed from depart early evening to depart afternoon.



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