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Do you have to pay tips on board?

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Hi  This a very contentious issue on this and many other forums.  You can have the tips removed from your on board account and give them to the individual members of staff unless you opted for "freedom dining" where they are automatically added to your account.  However, unless you are going to offer the amount given to the staff is different to the recommended amount suggested it is much easier to allow the cruise line to add these your account.  Please remember that the tips offered by passengers make up a significant of the hard working staff wages.

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1 hour ago, CRUISINGSTAR said:

If I did not pre pay my tips would i still have to pay them on board?

It does depend on who you're sailing with, some are mandatory like Costa for example or if you're freedom dining, some will automatically add it to your onboard account when you embark, and some are included in the price.

So all I can suggest is to read the T&C's with who you've booked and see what they say.



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