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azamara going to alska!!!

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Azamara really impressed me with their announcement of new itineraries. I've been an admirer of theirs for quite some time but always from a distance. I like the way they appear to do things and I always like their willingness to explore new itinerary options for passengers. I'm sure Alaska would be fantastic with them but the itineraries that always peak my interest are their golf cruises. Some cruise lines have dipped their toe in the water with this type of sailing before but never really managed to get me on the hook but Azamara really have this time around. Their existing itineraries are already good but I've really had my head turned by the itinerary taking in The Masters in 2019. That cruise looks fantastic and the chance to be at Augusta for The Masters as well as getting some time on a few courses myself is very appealing. Combining that with a cruise just puts the icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. 

Anyway, apologies for going off topic from Alaska :rolleyes:

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