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Cruise lines finally catering for beer lovers

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It always gripes me when I'm on holiday and I fancy a beer only to see that there are minimal options, most of which consist of 2 lagers and a cider. P&O have offered Old Speckled Hen on draft for quite a while now so I've always opted for that when cruising with them but finally cruise lines are waking up to the idea that some passengers want more than just lager. P&O cater much better for ale lovers now and it's spreading fast. Celebrity are excellent for it now and Royal Caribbean have also added a much better range. 

P&O's Britannia is probably the best in the fleet from what I've seen thus far. I just had a look to see if the menus had been updated. If anyone is interested in what's on offer for beer enthusiasts on P&O then you can find it here - https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/drink_cost

Most of the time, I'm a red wine man, especially with dinner but it's always nice to sample new beers and not just have the choice of Carling or Stella. 

Does anyone else have any cruise line or ship recommendations for ale lovers? Also can anyone recommend beers they've tried recently?

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You would probably appreciate Fred. Olsen's selection of Beers, Lagers and Ciders then - here's an extract from their Drinks Menu

Bitter Draught Half Pint £1.75               Pint £3.30

lager Draught Half Pint £1.75 Pint £3.30

Bass Bitter Can 500ml £3.15

John Smiths Extra Smooth Can 500ml £3.15

Carlsberg Can 330ml £2.95

Guinness Can 440ml £3.30

Heineken Can 330ml £3.10

SAN MIGUEL Btl 330ml £3.25

CARLSBERG 0.0% (ALCohol FREE) Btl 275ml £2.65

St. PETER’S G-FREE (Gluten free beer) Btl 500ml £4.05

Spitfire Btl 500ml £3.35

Bishops Finger Btl 500ml £3.40

SOUTHWOLD BITTER Btl 500ml £3.40

Stella Artois Aapple Cidre Btl 568ml £4.20

SOMERSBY ORIGINAL DRY Cider Can 440ml £3.10




and well comparable with P&O's prices IMO


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Thanks for the post Mayway. I've heard nothing but good things about Fred Olsen for a while now and I'm running out of excuses not to give them a try. The extract you've posted above is ok but there's not a fantastic choice still is there? With the exception of Bishops Finger and Spitfire, both of which are quite nice, there's nothing to really shout about whereas I was much more impressed by the P&O and Celebrity range of choice.

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I know what you mean, the beer menu is significantly better on Britannia but the overall cruising experience looks to be a world away from that of Fred Olsen's smaller ships. Britannia might have a few beers you like but will the bar staff remember your name and preferred choice each night? Probably not. By the sounds of it, they would on Freds.

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13 minutes ago, cruise chef said:

Princess even have their own real ale  that they have specially made, and it doesn't taste too bad

Really? That's something I think they should be shouting about more than offering English delicacies like Marmite on board haha!

Just my opinion of course, but I do like the sound of that and the fact that they've gone to the lengths of doing that rather than just sticking the same old mainstream brands on the menu. Do Princess offer a good range these days? It wasn't the best last time I sailed with them.

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2 minutes ago, 2torts said:

We're on Britannia for the first time soon & were looking forward to trying some of the beer flights having tried one last year on Oriana. However I cant see them on Britannias beer menu any more. Does anyone know if they've stopped doing them or if I'm just looking in the wrong place.

I can see them on the general P&O beer menu but that states "excluding Britannia" so whether they are not offering them on Britannia I don't know. It would be strange considering the wide range of choice on Britannia. 

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I think it's great that ales are becoming more popular. Supermarkets now offer a brilliant range whereas not too long ago, it was considered dull. The popularity of ales is immense now with so many different breweries and brands popping up. Brewdog seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Airports are jumping on the bandwagon too. My local airport is East Midlands and during their refurb, they added a Castle Rock Brewery tap room in the terminal. It might not be everyone's choice but it's great that it's more popular these days from what it once was.

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