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Saga Cruises Brand New Ship

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Has anyone else seen the images Saga Cruises have revealed on their new cruise ship which is planned to be delivered in summer 2019? From the photos I have to say the ship looks really modern and fresh and have to say I quite like her exterior and interior design. I read somewhere online that this new ship is to be named Saga Olympic and will carry no more than 1,000 passengers, single-sitting dinner will also be available in some of the speciality restaurants and will feature a range of bars, outdoor pools, all with a contemporary twist on the classic Saga cruising traditions.

Perhaps this new ship will be ideal for those who prefer the smaller ships, feel that Fred. Olsen is a little too tired and dated for them, or those who want a change from Fred or even the adult-only P&O cruise ships? All cabins will also feature a balcony – but I do wonder how big these balconies will actually be as I’ve heard that the some of the balconies on their current fleet are on the small side.  





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Does anyone know that size the ship will be? I know the OP mentioned there being 1,000 passengers on board but I'm just curious as to the tonnage of the ship to get an idea on what it might be like. Looks a fair size in the impressions. Agree with OWT though, you can't get a full perception of a ship from these artists impressions as sometimes they're very lifelike and sometimes they're way off. If it does turn out like them though then it's a good looking ship with a nice interior. 

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Sadly, my birth certificate now states that I qualify for Saga cruises, but I tend to keep that one to myself! Given the look of this new ship, I'm actually glad. It looks lovely. I've never thought of Saga cruises before as I always had this perception of them being stuffy, deathly quiet ships with little to interest me. I've read more about them lately though and they do seem to be very popular.

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1 minute ago, Oldworldtraveller said:

It is said to be 55,900 grt and will be build by Meyer Werft in Germany as many of the new ships are.


Do you mean to say there is actually a cruise line out there building a new ship from scratch that is not a superliner?! I may need to lay down! :P

Good to see the range of choice for passengers will only get better. At 55,000 tonnes and with a 1,000 passenger occupancy, P&O better watch their backs because I could see this ship stealing one or two passengers from them. Probably good that they've brought Adonia back otherwise it could be more.

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