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Celebrity have redeemed themselves

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Having travelled with Celebrity every year since 2004, we felt disappointed last year (January on the Eclipse) with various changes including the dispensing with formal nights and charging for previous free activities and there was a perception that staff morale and food quality had declined. However, we had previously booked a further sailing two years ago for the Eclipse this January in the Caribbean and fully expected this to be our last with this line.

I am delighted to say we had an excellent time. Our booking included a drinks package and as I often prefer the taste of British ale to lager, I upgraded to a Premium package at a cost of $10 per day. This is the first time we have had a drinks package as I previously felt that the cost only encouraged us to drink more. The convenience of just showing your card to have any drink you wish was a real bonus and I must admit I'm a convert to that package now. Additionally, for the first time ever, we were looking around the shops to find things on which to to spend our OBC, as normally the 'beverages' took care of that.

We prefer the traditional cruising and were pleased to see an increased number of people dressing formally on the new 'Evening Chic' nights. Staff morale seemed much improved and the food in the Main Dining Room was excellent. We went to the Murano Specialty Restaurant one evening and although it was enjoyable, it wasn't markedly better than the MDR and we wouldn't pay the extra again. 

The Eclipse has a new Captain, Leo, who is only in his late 30's and is a real comedian. None of the stuffy formal positioning announced at 10 am each day. The 'Voice from above" informs you how far you are from Sydney Opera House, the Great Wall of China etc.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we have booked for Jan 19 to the Caribbean with the Reflection (Britannia Jan 18). Incidentally, our sailing on 4/1/19, is currently the only 14 day cruise to the Caribbean with Celebrity that year as they are changing to 7 and 10 day cruises. The Eclipse will be switching to South America. 

Celebrity is back in our good books.



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Glad you had a lovely holiday. Sounds like Celebrity made up for your previous experience. I agree with you re the drinks package and certainly the upgrade. I'm the same, I much prefer ales to larger and upgrading gives you a much broader choice. I often find ale drinkers can struggle when it comes to finding a decent range of choice at sea but thankfully, a few cruise lines are now beginning to offer a much better selection. Celebrity is definitely one of them and Brodie's Bar on Britannia is another to offer a good choice of ales now too, so you should be sorted for next year.

Nice to hear of the food in a main dining room being of a good standard. The main dining rooms often take some hammer so that's good to hear and I do agree with you on it as I think Eclipse's main dining room is excellent. 

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Must agree about Captain Leo ,great sense of humour ,and always stopping to chat with passengers.

We Found a difference from May  to October last year, in May mainly due to a wide spread NV infection ,the service was not that good, and the food was OK not great.

In October no infection (that we knew of) the food and service right back up where we expect from Celebrity.

Put my foot right in it with the Head Chef, He asked how we found the food, I Replied "Much better than in May " "I was head Chef in May "he replied ."then you certainly  made some big improvements "I Said making a hasty exit  .

We use the Basic drink package which being light weight drinkers has enough choice for us ,I would not pay for one but it came with the cruise....Davybe

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