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What wins it for you, Price or Service

What wins it for you, Price or Service  

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  1. 1. Price vs Service

    • Price - I always want the cheapest offer and dont care who its with
    • Service - I would pay a little bit extra to know I am getting looked after

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I had always gone direct with P&O but often found that service could sometimes be good and often bad but my last cruise ended up being extra costly due to P&O putting my booking last in the pecking order so I decided never again.

I was recommended to using Poppy at Bolsover and I have not been disappointed she has been terrific and looked after me very well so far, I have no difficulty recommending her to anyone and I know that this is how people feel about the staff throughout the Bolsover team.

I know where all my future bookings will be going.

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I've always booked directly with P&O and have never had a reason to complain. I don't look for cheap prices I book the cruise I want and the cabin I want and I've always had exactly what I booked. Our next cruise is with Cunard and again I've booked directly with them. I really don't see the benefit of using an agent. 

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