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Saga northern lights cruise.

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We are thinking of doing a Saga northern lights cruise next year and were wondering about warm clothing,they say on their website that they supply warm jackets on their excursions but do they let you have them for the whole cruise or do we need to be buying some of our own for normal daytime wear.??

Also would like to hear from anyone who has done this trip and did they enjoy it.

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Have done the Northern Lights Cruise with P&O on Oriana, 3 yrs ago and it was amazing. So much so we are going again in 2 weeks. Yes the North Sea was a bit rough on the trip up and the weather is cold when you hit the Arctic Circle, (got as low as -15 ) but all you need is sensible layer clothing, thermal underwear and socks, good hat and gloves and a 3in1 coat , sensible snow boots and you will be fine, as don't forget you are not going to be out in the freezing temperatures all of the time! Not aware of any cruise line supplying warm clothing, only when you do certain excursions the company supply them i.e.: we booked Husky Dog Sledding ( independently ) in Alta and the company supplied warm suits, hats, gloves and boots. The trip was the most amazing experience, and about £50 cheaper pp than cruise co, and we got to drive the sleds ourselves , which didn't happen with the cruise ship booking! and needless to say we are doing it again this year. We were very lucky and saw the lights in both Tromso and Alta which was the icing on the cake. I would thoroughly recommend this cruise to anyone that wants to experience 'something different' as one usually connects cruising with going to sunnier climates etc. 

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