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Drinks prices

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Hello I'm new to this forum. We are booked on Rci Independence of the Seas for a family holiday in July this year, I realise that she is a dollar ship but have researched the current wine list prices compared to P&O and I'm flabbergasted. Has anybody got any experience of sailing with Rci before, that might help us dodge some of these extortionate prices (I am from yorkshire not the moon)


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Welcome to the forum Pammy.

Quite a shock the difference in prices between the two ain't it.

If you drink a lot then maybe a drink package may be best for you ,they do sometimes have an happy hour or a "Bogof" on but not that often, you can take two bottles of wine on with you .

Research all the drink packages ,other than that just cut down on your drinking as we do.....Davybe 

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Hii   I agree with Davybe you should consider purchasing a drinks package, it may work out cheaper if you drink a reasonable amount while on holiday.  If you are unhappy about the cost of alcoholic beverages on some lines you may consider using other lines which change less in future.  Fred Olsen offer a free drinks package but the cost is only a reasonable £10 a day while other lines such as Azamara cruise lines include not only unlimited drinks and tips in the boarding fares.

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