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Couple of P&O/Ventura questions please.......

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Apologies if this is covering old ground, but things change.........


1  Wife's got a few dietary problems - is it still possible on P&O to order a steak or chicken in place of what's on the menu?


2  I believe it's possible on Ventura (unlike on Azura) to walk a complete circuit of the Promenade Deck - is that right?


3  Are the open air parts of Ventura (pool, cinema etc) covered and therefore usable en route for the Canaries, or just too cold to use (like Azura)?


4  Any other hints and tips would be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Hi Doca


Can't answer them all but yes you could order steak but you can always request to have a menu choice each night for your wife you can find out the details on how to do it on you personaliser under the FAQ or on the P&O site. Last time we were on her you could walk right around her. She does have a covered pool unlike Azura who has the sea screen

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