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Midnight Sun

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We did it in 2000 on P&Os Aurura and we saw the midnight sun we docked at Honningsvag and went to the North Cape on an excursion and then at night we sailed and went north of North Cape. It was June and we experienced sleet, rain and sun throughout the day and were lucky enough for the clouds to part to see the sun at midnight.

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Hi Mimosa


My wife and I, together with two friends, were fortunate enough to experience fantastic weather for 2 weeks on Arcadia's Norway cruise, which sailed out of Southampton 21 July 2008. At the time, we were concerned that might be a little late in the Summer but not a bit of it.  We'd deliberately chosen adjoining balcony cabins at the stern of the ship and experienced fantastic views of The Midnight Sun in the early hours, particularly as we reached our most Northerly call at Honningsvag and began to head back South.  It blew my mind to realise that we were seeing the sun over the top of the World.


For my wife and I, it was our first P&O experience and we have subsequently enjoyed cruises on several of their ships.  I have to say, however, that these days, they are not our first choice of cruise company (unless it's to The Caribbean, where they have such efficient transfers).  If the itinerary were right, we would currently go for Azamara or Celebrity but, given their expertise and coverage in the area, I can understand OWT's recommendation of Hurtigruten.


David H

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Both David H & OWT offer sound reasoning for their choices, In the case of Hurtigruten once you have got over the fact that it isn't a normal style of cruising and that in some ports you may only be there for 15 minutes maximum then it is a great way of viewing Norway with ports not covered by the mainstream cruiselines. If you prefer the comfort and more limited itinerary then P&O, Princess Azamara & Celebrity provide excellent choices. Also don't rule out Fred Olsen who with Norwegian crew can sometimes offer a different perspective. Whichever you choose seeing the Midnight sun in the Summer or Northern Lights in the Winter are a good reason for making either journey

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We did this cruise on P&O Artemis.

Had a tour to the North Cape - beautiful but expensive for even a warm drink we though!

We had evening dinner and night was upon us but when we came out the sun was shining - some passengers reported not being able to sleep when they eventually retired after their photo taking although it didn't affect us.

Great cruise!

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