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First time sailing with Eclipse

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Hi Kath59,

We sailed to Iceland and Ireland on Eclipse in May of this year and thoroughly enjoyed the ship. My wife and I were accompanied two good friends and regular cruise companions and we had chosen Select Dining, as the freedom to dine at a varying time to suit our daily plans works very well for us. We never pre-booked but enjoyed a drink in the superb Martini Bar whilst one of us checked availability each evening. We rarely waited more than 10 minutes (though we never dine early). The Classic drinks package was included in our booking but I upgraded to Premium whilst boarding as, with previous experience of Celebrity, this gave us access to a wider range of beers, wines and spirits. Just one upgrade was enough to offer a perfectly adequate range of drinks for both of us (i.e. I could order a Premium drink for my wife, as long as the Classic package drink she ordered was ok for me). Classic also gives access to the great coffees available in Cafe Al Bacio. If you go up to see The Hot Glass Show on deck 15, wrap up warm (though I guess you may well be somewhere warmer than Iceland for your visit). Talking of glass, the elevators are quite a feature, as long as you have a head for heights. We also enjoyed a backstage tour of the theatre.

Wherever you are going, have a great time.

David H

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