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Last cruise on celebrity eclipse

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We always had our annual package holiday to popular European resorts as we love to go for walks, swim, relax and do as we pleased.

Many a time after 2 weeks we would have had enough as we had walked everywhere we wanted to see and the holiday would start to feel repetitive.

Then 9 years ago we started cruising. We were concerned that we would feel closed in and our movements would be restricted being on a ship, but how wrong we were.

After trying a few different cruise company's like most cruisers we have our favourite ship, my favourite ship is the 'celebrity eclipse' but have been told that other Celebrity ships are even nicer.

Looking forward to find out in the future.

Our last cruise was in the Baltic with the Celebrity Eclipse. The cruise included a free drinks package which was a real bonus as it included the 'Cafe al Bacio' which serves specialty coffees and Teas and these were really special.

Not your ordinary coffee or tea bags but some of the best coffees and teas I have ever enjoyed. These were not available anywhere else on the ship but only in the cafe.

As we don't usually drink much alcohol we were able to enjoy the cafe and have wine with our meals, plus try out a few cocktails.

We were able to have all we needed including nice cakes and biscuits which were available at the cafe with every drink. The cakes and biscuits were the only items we did restrict the amount we consumed.

I spent many an hour at the cafe reading and trying out the various selection of coffees and teas.

The reason I have had so much to say about the 'Cafe al Bacio' is for me like so many other passengers who kept the cafe full each day, it was a real pleasure and a joy to use it.

When you wanted to burn off some of the calories you had consumed, there is a brilliant gym and a covered swimming pool area, all which is kept clean and tidy.

Or you could just take a walk around the promenade deck or the track on one of the top decks.

There are organised games and competitions in the lawn play area and various games to choose from, plus a netted area for basketball and other games.

I used these areas on my own and was welcomed to join others.

There are film shows and presentations on various topics. I did learn a lot from the computer presentation and staff made themselves available to answer questions you might have even after the presentation was over. Very informative 'Brilliant'.

Then in the evening there was always a show to go and see, plus bars with quizzes and entertainers, shops to walk around, artist gallery and a photographs area to view pictures taken by experienced photographers, who you could always request or book to take any special photographs of you or your family and friends, with no obligation to buy.

We have a few really nice photographs taken on cruises that we have kept and given to family, which would have required a lot of effort to arrange at home and would have cost a lot more.

Cruises are different to all people and if you enjoy it you will get what you want from it.

Like going out for walks in different countries and city's in one holiday, experiencing shopping, food and drinks, being able to buy family and friends presents on the way.

Plus if like us you get a free upgrade, what a bonus especially if like us you get a suit upgrade. With a separate lounge area and a bathroom with a jacuzzi and separate shower, bigger then our bathroom at home. A balcony with table and chairs, two reclining deckchairs and a butler who will arrange meals for you.

What Joy

I have not mentioned the restaurants and food. This makes the cruise for me and most people. Thats all people talk about, "food" on cruises.

We did our first package holiday to Majorca this year to check out if we still preferred cruising and have now decided we will combine them both in our annual holidays.

I know there is a lot I missed out in telling you but all I can say is if you have not done a cruise, try it and find out all I missed out in telling you.

I have not met anyone who has done a cruise who has said they did not enjoy it. I have only met people who hesitate to try cruising for the same reasons as we did before we did it.

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{I spent many an hour at the cafe reading and trying out the various selection of coffees and teas.}



You and a few others judging by the amount of times we could not get a seat in there?

​It should be renamed the "Rest home on 5 " or "the library on 5" .



Nice teas and coffees if you can get a seat....Davybe 

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