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First Time On Arcadia

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My Wife and I cruised for the first time on Arcadia disembarking on the 5th May this year. Wheresas we enjoyed the cruise we were very 

disappointed with the dress code. Having consulted the appropriate section in P&O's brochure which states that the evening CASUAL dress

code would become operative on the date that we disembarked, we travelled with clothes suitable for Formal, Smart Casual and Casual 

nights. However we found that the Smart Casual had generally disappeared or ignored by fellow passengers. I must admit that we dressed

to suit our personal choice of Smart Casual evenings and were amazed by the disconcerting looks it attracted which made us feel quite

uncomfortable. If we were in the unlikely position of winning the cruise to New York what should we do, follow the trend or dress to meet our

own preferences ? It maybe Cunard are not following the trend.  Personally, I feel that now that dress codes have relaxed then standards will follow to the detriment to those who wish to withhold traditions.

A further point of contention was regarding the laundries on board. Only 3 miniscule in total each with 1 washer,1 drier, 1 ironing board and

only sufficient room for 1 person and yet serving over 2000 passengers. The thought comes to mind that maybe this is intentional to force passengers to pay for the ships laundry.

As I have said, we enjoyed ourselves and particularly with the ports of call. However I must give credit where credit is due and say that the 

highlight of the cruise was the friendliness of the crew and their attention to assuring that our time on board was a happy one and to make 

us feel that we were part of one big happy family.

Yes, we are looking forward to another cruise maybe in the very near future. Who knows !  


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We and our friends are on the Arcadia in October, the first time since the change of dress code. Maybe we should prepare for disconcerting looks as both the men in our party are taking an extra jacket as they occasionally like to wear one in the evening and the ladies are taking smart dresses and jackets as well as casual wear. Like you, we will dress to please ourselves.

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We were on Arcadia in August doing the Iceland and Baltic Capitals and there were a lot of men who obviously felt at home wearing jacket and collar & tie, in fact one gentleman at our table wore nothing else but semi formal at evening dinner.

I fully intend to keep up my standards and don't care if P & O are reducing theirs

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