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Price of a Family Cruise for 4 is around the same as land based holiday in school holidays 2017, sharing my findings!

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My daughter has a family of 2 adults & 2 children, which they will be aged 5 and 3 in the summer of 2017.  She has been looking at 10/11 Nights to either Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca or Portugal, All Inclusive in a 1/2-bedroom apartment. Her main priorities are not too far from the airport (45 mins max), kid’s clubs, and also as close to the beach as possible, with nice pool areas and nice modern apartments.


The best she has found is in Ibiza, and it is staying at a Holiday Village, flying from any northern airport with good flight times and is between £5k and £6k.


I am not a regular cruiser, and myself and my wife have a couple in the pipe line, so after mentioning this to her, she has called Bolsover Cruse Club this morning and they gave her 3 options to choose from. 1st one a 14-night cruise with Royal Caribbean on board the Navigator of the Seas for 14 Nights on the 22 Jul 2017, sailing from Southampton, and they quoted her £6436 with Free Car Parking. The 2nd choice was with P&O Cruises on board the Azura sailing on the 29 Jul 2017 for 14 Nights again from Southampton at a cost of £5824, she said that she got a double cashback saving if she booked this today? Then finally another P&O Cruise on board Ventura sailing on the 23 Jul for 12 Nights, again from Southampton with the double cashback saving, the price is £4874.


So looking at the standards of the ships compared the land based holiday, the price of a cruise for a family in the school period is very good, thought I would share this with you for any other families out there considering what is best.

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I don't know if your daughter has by now booked her holiday, but the price you stated seems a lot me, last year we took our grandsons, age 12, and 14.We booked a year before and paid just on 3K that was on the Ventura they loved every second, so did we because it gave us a different holiday, we have also taken our granddaughter age 3 years she loved the kids club, made lots of friends and had lots of new things to do, she is now 12 and still takes about it, I do think a cruise is good for children, when our granddaughter was three, we had a inside cabin, so we could tell her it was time for a nap, because it was dark she could have an afternoon nap, and then enjoy the evening show.

You can get a four birth inside cabin, which brings the price down by quite a lot.

Hope this helps

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